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Why you should consider drain lining

It is incredibly important for our health that our drainage systems are fully functioning and that all our waste products are removed from our homes as quickly and easily as possible so they can be taken to a treatment plant. There are instances when our drains do not flow as well as they should. This could be as a result of blockages in our homes due to hair and other debris clogging up the pipes or it could be an issue further down the pipes, in the streets. This is where tree roots can damage the pipes and fatbergs can build up causing larger blockages.

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There is a way in which any damage to the pipes can be fixed without the need for digging up the roads. This is where Drain Lining comes in. This is where a new inner sleeve is added to the pipe allowing for any crack and holes in the existing pipe to be bypassed.

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The structural soft layer that is inserted offers superior features, apart from the advantages of direct cost and time savings, such as enhanced flow of liquid and continuous sections without connections that have no weak points, thereby offering a long-term solution to any drainage problem. When built, thanks to good workmanship and the best materials, the structural layers are softly sealed. Even though the manufacturer will also say that life expectancy is at least 50 years, you can usually expect a 15-year warranty.

All damaged drainage issues can worsen, and the condition can deteriorate to the point that  there can be resulting water loss that can wash away the bed material. Ultimately, this will cause building movement and the cracking of walls, etc., leaving very costly foundation repairs necessary. Even if the expense of the incident is protected by your building insurance, it may still make reinsuring it complicated and costly.

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