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Top 10 Travel Accessories to Keep Kids Happy on the Go

Traveling with children can be an exciting adventure, but it’s no secret that it can also be challenging. Keeping young travelers entertained and comfortable is key to a smooth journey. Fortunately, many innovative travel accessories are designed to make family trips more enjoyable for everyone. Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Travel Activity Backpack:

Forget the boring carry-on. A travel activity backpack combines storage with fun. Look for ones with built-in coloring surfaces, pockets for crayons or small toys, and even detachable plush companions. This versatile accessory keeps kids occupied and their belongings organized, making it ideal for cold summer destinations.

How can I enjoy holiday with kids

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2. Portable Entertainment System:

A tablet or a handheld gaming device loaded with age-appropriate games, movies, or educational apps can be a lifesaver during long journeys. Don’t forget to pack headphones to keep the peace with fellow travelers.

3. Travel Games and Puzzles:

Travel-sized versions of classic board games, card games, and magnetic puzzles provide hours of entertainment. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and encourage family bonding.

4. Comfort Items:

Familiar comfort items like a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or pillow can help children feel secure and relaxed in unfamiliar environments. A neck pillow can also make naps on planes or car rides more comfortable.

5. Snack Containers and Water Bottles:

Staying hydrated and well-fed is essential for kids on the go. Pack reusable water bottles and snack containers filled with healthy treats like fruits, vegetables, or granola bars, all neatly stowed in the best kids travel backpack. You can find some great options at

6. Audiobooks and Stories:

Audiobooks and stories provide a screen-free form of entertainment that can spark a child’s imagination. Choose stories that align with their interests or educational level.

7. Travel Journal and Art Supplies:

Encourage creativity and memory-making by packing a travel journal and a small set of crayons or colored pencils. Children can use them to document their adventures, draw pictures of what they see, or simply doodle to pass the time.

8. Portable Chargers:

Keeping devices charged is crucial for keeping kids entertained. Invest in a portable charger to ensure their tablets or gaming devices don’t run out of battery during the trip.

9. Headphones for Kids:

Volume-limiting headphones are essential for protecting young ears while allowing kids to enjoy their entertainment without disturbing others.

10. Surprise Travel Toys:

Keep a few small, inexpensive toys or trinkets hidden in your bag and reveal them throughout the journey. These surprises can create excitement and break up long stretches of travel time.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories:

  • Age-appropriateness: Select accessories that match your child’s age and interests.
  • Durability: Choose items that can withstand the wear and tear of travel.
  • Ease of Use: Kids should be able to operate their accessories independently.
  • Portability: Look for compact and lightweight options for easy packing.


While these accessories can significantly enhance your family’s travel experience, the most important ingredient is your positive attitude and flexibility. Embrace the unexpected, allow for spontaneous fun, and remember that the journey itself is part of the adventure. With a little preparation and the right gear, you can create lasting memories and make travel enjoyable for the whole family.

Let me know if you’d like any of these sections expanded or would like more suggestions tailored to specific types of travel (car trips, plane rides, etc.).

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