Home theatre decorating ideas to elevate your movie-viewing experience

Whether it’s a basement entertainment centre or a cosy reading nook in the corner of your living room, home theatre decor ideas can instantly elevate your movie-viewing experience. Add enriching media room décor like a movie-themed gallery wall or quirky adds like an antique popcorn machine to create a home theatre that fits your personal style perfectly.

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If you’re going for a classic movie theatre look, set the tone with dark colours and deep red velvet vertical chairs. Elaborate accents such as statues and artwork reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood can also add a little charm to the space. For more information on a Luxury Home Cinema Plymouth, go to digitalinteriors.co.uk/services/home-cinema-system/plymouth

For a more modern approach, consider using a projector to show movies on a high definition TV. This helps keep the room flexible, so it’s a great option if you have kids who like to play with friends or host parties in the space. In addition, the projectors are easily tucked away when not in use, leaving the room open for other uses.

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A more traditional feel comes from luxurious furnishings such as embroidered ceilings, super soft carpets and screened curtains. Reclining ruby-red chairs complete the theme with a comfortable place to store drinks or snacks. Wall lamps and ceiling lights that darken contribute to the dramatic atmosphere of the cinema. Bringing in plenty of throws is an easy way to get the cosy feeling you’re looking for in a home theatre.

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