How To Choose Between Two Men?

How to choose between two men – tips on choosing between two men.

We will help with tips on how to choose between two men. Who has shown that you can’t love two at the same time?

Who can answer the question, how is it that two dear and beautiful people simultaneously care about the heart?

You say that, they say, these are just words, and that in fact, it does not happen. It happens that two people are equally loved, and it’s impossible to decide and make a choice between two men with whom it is worth building further relationships.

How to choose between two men?

Tips for How to choose between two men

Many believe that this is “licentiousness” or frivolity when the question arises about the choice between two men. Although there is nothing like this in this behavior. It just happened so by chance that at the same time two people met who possess all the ideal qualities.

Anyone who did not fall into such a position will never understand this. At that moment, when you should choose from two beautiful people of one, you cannot do this, you start asking for help, advice since it’s very difficult to figure out and decide for yourself. But, in most cases, you have to solve this problem by yourself, because everyone around you starts to push you away, considering you a very licentious and vulgar girl.

What to do and what to do when choosing between two men, when I fell in love with two of you at the same time, who also feed on you the response feelings? One of the applicants has a small advantage over the other because he met you first and knows you longer. Although this may not be the decisive argument.

After all, one of the guys can be more active, more fun, the other can also take good care, but in a completely different way. Or a girl may differ in external or internal beauty. A person who finds himself in the center of a love triangle enjoys the charms of both candidates, but he cannot decide on one of them.

If there are difficulties in choosing the right one between two men, you need to honestly answer some serious questions:

  • Which of the two treats you more carefully? Does he draw all attention, how does he listen, how does the object? Remember what you are talking about. If one of them has little of these qualities, then he has fewer advantages.
  • Pay your attention to who of the two you want to see more. Mark the one who, even at the thought of meeting you, causes more trepidation.
  • Imagine with whom you would like to continue the relationship, after about a year.
  • Which of the two do you want to visit your family and friends with? Feel free to show it?
  • How reliable is each of the applicants? How confident are you in reciprocity and sincerity of feelings? Maybe, after all, there is something that gives reason to doubt it.
  • With which of them would you like to share your plans or secrets.
  • Which of the two attracts you more strongly, and with which of them, you can feel yourself naturally.
  • To whom of the candidates, except for sexual desire, do you have a need for communication? With whom it would be possible to just talk about how the day went, and not just express physical desires.

If after answering all the questions posed, it turned out that one of the candidates is leading, then you don’t need to hurry with the choice between two men, but rather, you need to carefully analyze everything, see how correctly you answered the questions. And if your heart tells you that one of the applicants sympathizes with you a little more, and according to your answers, he scored more positive answers, then you can safely make your choice. Keep reading Smart Choice: One Venue For Both Wedding and Reception

Very interesting situations always arise, several applicants for one lady’s heart appear at once. For a girl, this means a large amount of attention, and for a guy – you should have greater confidence in your abilities, capabilities, and attractiveness. But, we live in a monogamous country, in which such beliefs are. That is why it is very difficult in situations where it is necessary to make a choice between two men.

However, if suddenly life presented you two applicants at once, to be your favorite person, then you should not get lost. You can wait for a little and leave the situation unchanged. But, as soon as there is a need to choose between two men, do it without hesitation and immediately.

At the same time, you should remember the following: when you are near and spending time with one of the candidates, you automatically change to the other. And this is already called betrayal. Try to never offend people and do not hurt them.

Not every man can understand his beloved woman and accept that she loves not only him, but also some other man, and at the same time does not want to leave him at all. That is why you should once again recall one saying about the pursuit of two hares at once!

And do not even think to ask for advice on how to choose between two men from your close friends or from your mother. In love affairs, only your heart should decide, and the involvement of outside advisors can only lead to the reproduction of gossip and rumors, which, as you understand, will not be true at all!

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