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How to Bake Crab Cakes? A Complete Recipe

Have you got up wanting to taste a different dish? Sometimes we have those days when we want something special, a delicious lunch or dinner, but with the comfort of being in our home. As something special, for example, we can enjoy one of the most delicious seafood on the market from the comfort of our home. There are unique and intense flavors, such as crab, which transport the entire essence of the sea to the palate.

Therefore, we propose this crustacean delight. Of course, if you want to taste this dish to the fullest, you must do it when it is still hot, that is, freshly cooked. Don’t you know where to start?

How to bake crab cakes?

  • Suitable for: 2 people
  • Need: 15 minutes
  • Low difficulty


  •  300 grams of crab
  •  1 liter of water (if possible sea)
  •  3 tablespoons fat salt
  •  2 bay leaves

You will need to:

  •  Casserole
  •  Source to serve the crab
  •  Clean cloth

This is a very easy dish to make, which can collide with the food itself, as it is one of the most challenging seafood to find. That is why it is so demanded in the market and, in addition, it is considered exquisite seafood of very high quality because its sea flavor is intense. Before you start, make sure when you buy the crab, or when you take them out of the freezer or refrigerator, that they are in good condition.

How to Bake Crab Cakes

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Let’s go now with the first step for cooking crab. The first thing you will have to do is prepare the casserole and pour a liter of water. The recipe that we show you is for a small portion or lid of crab, but if you want to do more, a kilogram, for example, you would have to pour about four liters of water and 240 grams of salt, in proportion.

Once the water is boiling, introduce the three tablespoons (soup) of salt and the two bay leaves. Important! If you have the possibility that the water is from the sea, take advantage of it, because the final result will be spectacular and the crab will retain that characteristic sea flavor better. If not, cook them with normal water and the indicated proportions of the rest of the ingredients, which will also be delicious.

Once the water has boiled when you have added the salt and bay leaf, add the crab. The cooking time of crab is concise, you have to wait a few minutes, exactly until the water boils again. Then, take them out and place them in a dish, which you can cover with a cloth or other large bowl to keep them from cooling until they are served shortly.

How does crab eat?

As we have indicated previously, freshly cooked and hot crab is better, to fully notice their flavor, than if they are allowed to cool. What is usually done once we have taken them out of the casserole is to cover them with a cloth, to preserve the temperature.

Heat, as we have said, is a very relevant factor in tasting the crab. It will be served in small portions to prevent them from cooling. Once we have them on the plate, we will enjoy opening them to eat them.

How to Bake Crab Cakes

Finally, we want to explain how to heat cooked crab. The process is very simple and similar to that of cooking: you must put the remaining crab in a pan with boiling water, let them heat a few minutes and take them out, as the first time, immediately and cover them with a cloth. However, we insist that this is not the most advisable because if you reheat the crab, you will not enjoy 100% of its flavor. It is better to calculate the quantities by adjusting them as much as possible and, in this case, to stay somewhat short, than to have a lot of crab leftover.

This delicious food is one of the most sought after, now and in the past, because in modern times, the crab was the preferred option of the people during Lent. The quality of the crustacean depends on the waters in which it has formed, preferring those that have developed in the warm ones. Also, sun crab is considered to be the fattest and most tasty. These grow on rocks that the sun continually gives them. It will be the task of the crab, the professionals who are dedicated to the arduous task of finding these crustaceans, finding the best ones. As you can see, they are challenging to obtain but easy to prepare.

The crab should not be seasoned with other ingredients, such as lemon. The crab, which is already of quality, does not need additives. We recommend that the crab not be already cooked in the refrigerator because it would lose that characteristic flavor it has. Ideally, taste it freshly cooked, not later.

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