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6 Best natural sweeteners instead of Refined sugar

Surely you are wondering … Why choose one of these 6 natural sweeteners? The reason is very simple, and I’ll tell you next. Already in previous circumstances, I mentioned to you how important it is to carry out an ideal diet. Surely with this I mean not to abuse processed products or that they have zero nutritional contribution and only caloric. A lot of sugar!

But why?

First of all, because I know you are one of those people who care about their physical well-being; What I mean is that if you find yourself in the quest to reach your ideal weight, pay a little more attention in your eating habits. Also, you will avoid diseases that are usually associated with an elevated blood glucose level. What do you think if we discover the benefits of choosing natural sweeteners for your day to day?

Best natural sweeteners

natural sweeteners

All sweeteners contain glucose. We consider glucose a carbohydrate or carbohydrate that has a direct relationship with the amount of sugar your body is able to absorb; This depends on the food you eat. Later, they are transformed into energy so that you can develop all your daily activities. It must be emphasized that its presence determines the level of sugar in the blood.

Adequate levels

Appropriate levels of blood glucose in all people who do not have diabetes or another related condition are 70 to 100 milligrams of glucose per blood.

By measuring your glucose levels from time to time, you can determine if you are in an optimal state of health. So do not miss visiting your nearest clinic every 6 months.

5 types of carbohydrates to take into account!

To a certain extent, by moderating the number of carbohydrates we ingest, it is possible to avoid suffering from diseases linked to high sugar levels. However, you can also substitute the sweeteners you’re used to for much healthier ones.

Simple Sugars: We can find them in different foods.

Fructose: Found in fruits

Galactose: You can find it in dairy

  • Double sugars
  • Lactose Dairy products

Maltose: In vegetables and beer

Sucrose: Table sugar

  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Vegetables
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Bread and whole grains that also have fiber
  • Fruits that also have vitamins and minerals
  • Milk and its derivatives
  • Vegetables

Processed foods

This is where we have to take precautions! Since in addition to having simple carbohydrates, what they do is that they only supply calories. By this I mean they do not have vitamins, fiber or minerals unlike other foods like fruits or cereals. They are the famous bad carbohydrates or empty calories. The important factor in weight gain.

  1. Soft drinks or carbonated drinks
  2. Syrups
  3. White rice
  4. White flour
  5. Candies

6 Best natural sweeteners

Ideally, your body will be supplied with natural carbohydrates instead of processed or refined carbohydrates. If you are one of those who enjoys a good cup of tea or coffee, or you love cooking with pastries and bread; Then you’ll love discovering natural sweeteners that you can use instead of refined sugar.


1. Panela

The Panela is one of those favorite foods of our grandmothers or mothers; ideal for these vacation seasons to enjoy a delicious punch. However, today I rescue this typical food of our country and surrounding localities to give a little sweet to your life nutritionally.

A little of your preparation …

Also known as panela is prepared from the juice resulting from sugar cane. It is interesting since the latter is soaked, boiled, molded and dried to later go through a process of purification … And guess what results?

Honey of bee

2. Honey of bee

The honey bee is food that its components include the fructose, sucrose, and glucose … In short the Honey Bee to contain simple sugars, it does not recommend which for diabetics. Now, it is a fact that it is a better alternative to make use of this food instead of table sugar.

Just as always, I recommend you be careful with the amounts and not abuse. Keep reading to find out about other natural sweeteners.


3. Dates

They use dates from North Africa as natural sweeteners, since the percentage of sugar is approximately 70%. Like the previous sweeteners, the dates contain nutrients such as iron, potassium, and vitamin A.

Although many people recommend the consumption of dates for diabetic people, I recommend before consulting your doctor if it is good for you.

Coconut sugar

4. Coconut sugar

For some time now, I have found several articles that talk about the benefits of all products created from coconut. Coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut water and now coconut sugar is another novelty that brings benefits you will surely love.

Also called palm sugar, it is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the coconut trees. Its use is more common in Asian countries. They have shown it to be a 100% healthy alternative with a low glycemic index. What does it mean? This means it does not cause blood glucose to rise.

We also recommend its use for pre-diabetic and diabetic people. Therefore, there are no excuses for not choosing one of these wonderful natural sweeteners.


5. Stevia

The stevia we can find in different forms. Both in plant leaves or in liquid. According to the Spanish Stevia Association, it is an excellent decision to sweeten your drinks. First, I would love to emphasize that stevia has a contribution of 0 calories. But the surprising thing is that it is up to 70 times sweeter than the table sugar First I would love to emphasize that stevia has a contribution of 0 calories. But the surprising thing is that it is up to 70 times sweeter than the table sugar itself. (This depends on your presentation.)

Maple syrup

6. Maple syrup

The maple syrup is primarily an option natural sweetener used by our neighboring country United States. Usually replaces refined sugar only for its unique and delicious taste, but because it is highly favorable to your body.

Why is it so good for you?

When evaporating, the result is a consistency similar to that of honey. When evaporating, the result is a consistency similar to that of honey. It is said that it has the unlikely ability to calm anxiety. It is a useful choice to substitute refined sugar because it controls blood sugar levels by its abscisin acid content.

It knows the latter to stimulate low insulin in your body, preventing diabetes. Not only that it also contains antioxidants and maple syrup can inhibit the enzymes that convert carbohydrates into sugar.

Do not wait more!

If you substitute, be careful with the quantities!

The only clarification that I would like to make is that if you add these natural sweeteners to a cup of tea or coffee or as an alternative, the suggestion is to take into account the following equivalences:


There are no doubts, with these natural sweeteners, you can leave aside all those products that have been causing possible damage. Remember that in Thermal Therapy of the Valley, we care about your health in every way and we love the idea of giving you all the necessary tools to bring you an appropriate lifestyle.

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