What to consider when buying a Yacht

The idea of a yacht has been romanticised by lifestyle magazines and films to the point that everyone who can afford one wants one. You can easily be scammed or overcharged for a substandard boat. These tips will ensure you get the best price when shopping for a boat.

  1. Expert Help is Available

It’s essential to be familiar with what you require before you purchase a yacht. You can ask for assistance from those who own a passenger boat. Ask them to explain how to use it and to help you understand the terminology. You might also benefit from a RYA Day Skipper Course from

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  1. Know Your Requirements

Here are some questions to ask before you begin your search for a boat:

  • What size yacht do you desire?
  • Are you planning to use the vehicle for travel or will you be renting it out?
  • How many passengers are you expecting?
  • Which do you prefer, a speed cruise or a luxurious cruise?
  • What is your budget?

It’s much easier to find the right yacht when you have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

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  1. Get to Know the Price of Yachts

You should be prepared to spend a large portion of your savings if you plan on buying a boat. Production yachts start at £100,000 and can go up to £5,000,000. They are assembled in factories and mass-produced. Semi-custom and fully custom yachts cost much more.

A previously owned yacht is another option. The initial cost is lower, but the maintenance and upkeep costs will increase.

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