Latin Rapper and Reggaeton Singer Ozuna’s Net Worth and Biography

The trap expert’s full name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado. He was born in Puerto Rico on March 13, 1992. Son of Puerto Rican parents, he was raised by his grandmother. Due to the economic situation that his mother had. Since when Ozuna was three years old, his father, who was a dancer, was murdered. In this article, we shortly describe Ozuna’s net worth and biography.

Ozuna’s net worth and biography

From an early age, he showed interest in music and specifically in the urban genre. Therefore at age 12 he began composing his songs and demonstrating his talent. The genre of music that this artist sings is reggaeton, pop, rap and trap. Also known as “The bold light-eyed”; he is an actor, singer and composer. He has been making his musical career from 2012 to the present.

Ozuna’s net worth is about 3 million US dollars. He is currently married to Taina Meléndez and they have two children; Sofía Osuna and Juan Ozuna. He expresses the great love he feels for his country; and states that after retiring from music, he would like to live in Puerto Rico.

Claim to fame

Although his musical career began in 2012, under the name of J Oz, in 2014, it is that he signs with a record label; Thanks to that, he published some topics on social networks. His leap to fame was in 2016 when he collaborated on a single with artists such as De La Ghetto and Anuel AA. “The bold and clear eyes” has become the most searched artist on Google and is one of the most recognized trap singers worldwide. Keep reading: Sharon Stone net worth

Ozuna himself explained that the key to his success is because the public connects with the lyrics of his songs; and that he never imagined or thought that his career would take off as fast as he did. Ozuna has so far three recordings; “Odyssey” of 2017, “Aura” of 2019 and “Nibiru” of 2019 and an independent label, called “Tell me. “

Music and feel of Ozuna

Music and feel of Ozuna

Ozuna currently 27 years old and is an artist who, as he said, If you upload a video on YouTube in 24 hours, you have over six million views. These figures overwhelm him and indicate ​​how many fans he has. He is currently listed as one of the most important singers of Latin music.

This artist stands out in several genres thanks to the fluidity of his singing. Ozuna has a tender and agile tone of voice; this combination of his voice uses it both to sing ballads and to rap. It should be noted that Ozuna also stands out as a composer and expresses that he sometimes composes songs in five minutes and these become great musical successes.

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His favorite singer states that in Romeo Santos, he is a bachata and ballad singer. There is a controversy that revolves around the lyrics that denigrate women to what Ozuna says; that it is the same female audience that demands that type of lyrics.

As a clear example of this, there is an Ozuna song called “I reclaimed” in which he says horrible things about the female sex; This theme has more than fifty million views on YouTube.

Then with respect to this issue, the reggaeton ones like Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam; They say that is the responsibility of the parents and that they are not there to educate children.

Ozuna controversies

Some debates and controversies affected Ozuna’s life. For example, in 2017, an immigration group arrested him at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá; since he behaved violently with security agents. That same year during a concert, a security officer got on the stage and Ozuna hit him with the microphone; This fact was very frowned upon and criticized by his fans, so the day after, he asked for public apologies through Instagram.

Then the artist was close to the murder of a drug dealer friend of him. According to what he said, he heard the shooting and retired, leaving his truck very close to the scene. According to the investigations carried out, he had nothing to do with the incident; but inside the van, he had $6500 dollars in cash and Cannabis-based substances, which were seized. Then he was involved in a matter of extortion of a porn movie, from which he was harmed.

Controversies between Don Omar and Ozuna

Don Omar and Ozuna

Bearing in mind that Don Omar’s artistic life is not at its best, He has now criticized Ozuna publicly. “The black-eyed boy” has defended himself through social networks and has told Don Omar that instead of complaining, he dedicates himself to work.

Regarding Don Omar’s comments on Instagram, the public has written him to stop acting like an old gossip, to devote himself to making music; because despite being a great star, its light has been extinguished. What if what you have is the jealousy of so many good artists of the genre that have been increasing, let them start making music.

However, Ozuna remains inactive in social networks; or at least it does not fall into the game of Don Omar of being insulting through social networks.

Future vision

Ozuna has said that because of the controversies and legal problems he has had, he prefers to stay a few more years; in the world of music and retire. He has some goals to accomplish yet, as it is to venture into pop in English, and for this, I point to some artists with whom I would like to work as Rihanna and Drake.

We know that Ozuna has been investing his money in another type of business. We also know Ozuna’s net worth. In a restaurant and other activities, since as he has affirmed, after some years, he prefers to retire from public life. I affirm that he wishes to devote more time to his wife and children to family life. He says he is conservative with his money.

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