How to use activated charcoal to treat skin disorders

Activated charcoal is effective natural solution for skin care. Activated charcoal is safe to use to have a more beautiful skinor fight skin disorders like acne.

Treat small bites and cuts with a carbon scrub. This method has not been proven by medical research, but some people have tried it and found it effective. Mix a handful of charcoal with water to get a paste. This active ingredient helps to remove bacteria, accelerating healing.

  • Apply the paste to areas affected by insect bites, bites, cuts and scratches, so watch if it gives you good results.

Get rid of acne. Many people are convinced that carbon scrubs are effective for combating acne, but this method has not been thoroughly investigated by dermatologists. Charcoal sold in the form of soap has a granular consistency and can help to exfoliate the skin by removing impurities.

  • You can use coal to fight acne by massaging it on the skin, then rinsing it off.
  • If you do not want to use it on your entire face, you can apply it only on problem areas.

Treats oily skin. Carbon scrubs can also be useful in the case of oily skin, but research into this is limited. Buy a charcoal purifying mask online or in a store selling beauty items. Apply it on the face to eliminate excess sebum.

  • Charcoal face masks should only be used once or twice a week to treat oily skin, otherwise they may dehydrate it.

Minimize pores. If they are quite dilated, try using coal to solve the problem. Buy a mask online or in a beauty shop to free and shrink pores.

  • Try doing the treatment a couple of times a week and see if you get good results.

Avoid Possible Problems

When you use a coal-based product, try to do it in moderation.There are still no detailed scientific studies on this, so the safety of these products has not been confirmed. It is therefore necessary to proceed with caution. Use coal only two or three times a week.

Stop using a product in the event of an adverse reaction. Coal has not been exhaustively tested, so it is possible to have side effects. If you notice any skin irritation or other anomalies, stop using it. If problems affecting the skin or health in general occur immediately after the start of treatment, this may be the cause.

Contact a doctor to treat a disorder. Many people try to use coal to treat cuts, scratches and bites. If you give it a try, it’s possible that the problem does not get better or even worse. In this case, go to the doctor to get a treatment prescribed.

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