Recommended motorcycle safety tips for new riders

Motorcyclists, such as car drivers, must respect traffic regulations to contribute to road safety. These are recommended motorcycle safety tips for new riders to be a good motorcyclist, to be responsible and to prevent accidents on the road.

Driving is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. If it is about driving a motorcycle, the commitment is even greater due to the high level of risk to which you as a driver and the other mobility actors are exposed. These recommendations and clues will help you be more careful on the road. Let’s see why is not a good time to buy diesel.

Motorcycle safety tips for new riders

The advantages of transporting yourself on a motorcycle are diverse: being able to move faster anywhere, requiring a smaller space to park, saving money on gasoline and maintenance, among others that, when choosing a vehicle, weigh a lot.

motorcycle safety tips for new riders

However, increase the chances of suffering a traffic accident or a fall, plus you transport yourself under the sun or rain without contemplation. Everything can be prevented or assumed in a healthy and preventive way with good practices and awareness of road safety.

Know and apply these recommendations in your daily life to be a responsible motorcyclist. For your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, think of the path.

Drive wisely

No matter how good or complex the motorcycle riding experience may be, it is essential that you be aware of the responsibility you have with you and others. Try to anticipate any risk situation, keep your distance, never talk on a cell phone while driving, and always use the two brakes to stop. The driver’s negligence causes 83% of motorcycle accidents.

  • Respect traffic rules as a motorcyclist.
  • Never advance on the right or between two vehicles.
  • Always use the directional and make signs with your hands to indicate your next move. Be careful when riding a motorcycle!
  • Before turning or turning, look both ways repeatedly.
  • Drive within the permitted speed limits so that you can stop or dodge an obstacle with time.
  • Respect traffic signals.
  • Be careful with oil residues in the street and avoid passing on white and yellow signs when they are wet.

Give pedestrian priority

The pedestrian will always be the most vulnerable mobility actor. As a motorcyclist, you must be aware of the rights that these have to travel through the spaces of the road delimited for it. Do not invade them, identify them with time, and take the step with respect and empathy.

Keep your documentation up to date

Remember that Obligatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) is, as the name implies, mandatory. That in your travels, you do not lack the other legal documents that you must carry so that, in case an authority asks you to, show them and avoid being fined. The SOAT covers you in the event of a traffic accident, while the voluntary insurance of your motorcycle supports you for damages to third parties and their own.

Always use the security features

Driving a motorcycle exposes you to great risk if you suffer a fall or a blow. Wear the right helmet and make sure you always wear it. Also, do not miss glasses, gloves, reflective jackets, and the best attitude.

Do you consider yourself a good motorcyclist?

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