The high profile wind up of fashion

At first glance you might think that fashion is quite the gentle industry. At the end of the day it’s only clothes and you might speculate that there isn’t anything to get too excited about. However, given the egos and the importance of good press in the Fashion industry it soome becomes a hotbed of snipping and backbiting that can, and has created lasting animosities that still rage today. Let’s take the case of  Cathy Horyn and see what we mean.

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Horyn was always a bit outspoken. She worked at the New York Times as Fashion Critic from 1998 for 16 years and then moved to the magazine The Cut. Horyn fits into all those cliches saying that get trotted out when someone has a strong opinion and the skills to say it in a cutting way. She speaks and she finds and says what she likes taking the view that all criticism is constructive. Giorgio Armani and Hedi Simane of Yves St Laurent didn’t think so and they banned her from their shows. It’s a bit tricky to write a critic of something that you can get to see.

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Horyn has been rewarded for her burgeoning style. She was awarded for her investigation into Anna Wintour at Vogue in 2002. On the flipside she was called out on her claims that the actress Christina Hendricks was on the large side. This wasn’t helped by a photo of Hendricks that the NY Times ran which was widened to illustrate the point.  I doubt she’d have a bad word to say about the menswear Ireland based firm EJ Menswear though.

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