What should you watch on Netflix this Christmas

This year Netflix has a great stash of ho-ho-holiday goodness. With a whole ‘Festive Favourites’ category, the only problem is choosing what to watch! Save the squabbles for Monopoly by browsing our favourites below.

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1.) The Christmas Chronicles

Bickering siblings discover Santa’s sleigh and must save Christmas in this modern story. Including a sarcastic Santa who doesn’t “ho, ho, ho”, car chases, futuristic gadgets, flossing elves and a multitude of references to classic carols, this is an instant family favourite.

2.) Love Actually

When “Christmas is all around,” there’s no film I’d rather watch than the classic tale of 10 Londoners following their hearts to Christmas romance.

3.) The Man Who Invented Christmas

This film sees a young Charles Dickens looking for inspiration for his next book. Struggling with childhood issues, Charlie searches for redemption not just for his character, but for himself.

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4.) The Holiday

Another romantic classic, The Holiday features two frustrated women swapping homes for the holidays to escape romantic failures. Will they find themselves, or will it end in tears?

5.) Deck the Halls

Starring Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick and Kristin Davis, this festive comedy examines the traditional neighbourhood fight over who can deck their halls brightest.

6.) Jack Frost

When Jack is reincarnated as a snowman he rekindles his relationship with his son, reminding us of the importance of family, love and letting go.

7.) Arthur Christmas

Telling the tale of the Clause family and how the name ‘Santa’ is inherited, Arthur (Santa’s youngest) teaches us anyone can embody Christmas spirit.

8.) DreamWorks’ Holiday Classics

Join Shrek, Donkey and other beloved characters for festive fun in these four holiday specials. The perfect distraction while you get up to secret Santa business!


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9.) Fireplace for your home

Presents unwrapped, turkey eaten and children in bed? For those of us not lucky enough to have an open fire for chestnut roasting, Netflix has us sorted with their series of crackling fires; perfect for unwinding after a hectic day.


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