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Tips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

Tips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day. There are many women who, before buying the wedding dress, decide to start a period of detox to improve their appearance and be in perfect shape with the outfit that they have always dreamed of combined with a pair of vertiginous wedding shoes.

If you are afraid of not returning to that mermaid wedding dress that you liked so much or that the model you had fallen in love with could be too confusing for your forms, do not despair, follow our advice to get to your wedding day with a dazzling shape! It takes only a few weeks!

Tips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

First of all we must premise that in order to avoid starvation in hunger during the wedding preparations, it is necessary to try to reduce stress to a minimum, so that freeway for help from relatives and friends to find the details necessary for the banquet, the wedding invitations to send to the guests, the favors etc., or if you can help you manage the stress you can try small handmade chores, such as the creation of DIY wedding place cards and small decorations, in short. Do what will make you feel better in this delicate phase. Here are some best tips for a perfect shape.

Follow a healthy lifestyleTips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

We begin by telling you that in order to improve one’s health, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle: taking long walks or spending time on a certain physical activity helps you to feel much better. Before starting any diet you should remember that each diet varies depending on age, body mass index and height, so if you need to lose a lot of fat mass is essential to turn to nutritionists and dieticians. If you only need to eliminate a few extra pounds or deflate to fit in your beautiful lace wedding dress you will only need to follow some food advice.

Start the day on the right foodTips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

At breakfast it is good to prefer integral products such as dry biscuits based on wheat, oats, malt; wholemeal bread with jam, orange juice or fresh fruit; for those who like to have a coffee or a cappuccino, we suggest using unrefined sugars, such as raw cane sugar, or one of the many variants of new-generation edulcolorants. At mid-morning it is advisable to have a snack made with almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts, fruit or natural yogurt; in addition, those based on probiotics bring many benefits to the body.  It is one of the best tips for a perfect shape.

Primary sources of vitamins and antioxidantsTips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

One of the things we really want to remind you of is to never skip any meal of the day, as there is the risk of only increasing the sensation of hunger and stress. At lunch it is advisable to take sources of magnesium, selenium using whole grains such as quinoa, spelled, pearl barley, rice or whole wheat pasta with the addition of vegetables. Very important is also a regular use in the kitchen of legumes, lentils, beans or chickpeas, in the form of soup or salad. We remind you that in a correct diet it is essential to have a daily intake, both for lunch and dinner, of vegetables. An excellent natural antioxidant, vegetables neutralize free radicals and protect against premature aging.

Regular consumption of vegetablesTips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

While you are thinking about your flower bouquet for your wedding day, do not forget that a bunch of pumpkin flowers, thanks to their high content of water and mineral salts, will help you to purify quickly! How? With a diuretic and draining effect! Use green vegetables rich in vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium: broccoli, asparagus, peas, Brussels sprouts, green beans, and peppers, contain beneficial properties and are very tasty. Among the main meals it is preferable to make snacks based on fresh or dried fruit, centrifuged, and yogurt with oatmeal or with cereals that are more preferred.

Proper protein intakeTips to get in perfect shape on the wedding day

Essential for the food requirements are meat, preferably a lean cut, fish, and cheese. At dinner you can give free rein to your creativity with many recipes, preparing, for example, a delicious fillet of baked salmon with broccoli, leeks, and carrots, or a tasty fresh salad of octopus. Vary your diet with dishes based on lean cheeses, such as asiago or stracchino with a mix of lettuce, rocket or radicchio and with the addition of avocado, tomatoes, corn or cucumber. As far as meat is concerned, we feed you turkey, pork ham, chicken or lean veal.

Try to reduce the consumption of sausages, precooked foods, and sugary drinks, which are often the cause of swelling localized in the abdominal area.

In short, with some small measures, it is possible to arrive on the wedding day with a dazzling form. Remember, yes to DIY wedding favors, but absolutely not to dieting drastic and unbalanced diets. Good nutrition will also benefit your skin, you will realize it especially when trying bridal makeup, the skin surface will appear more clearly healthier and brighter than usual. It is one of the best tips for a perfect shape.

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