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Five advantages of display ads

Digital adverts are designed to entice consumers to purchase goods or services and they fall into two main categories: display ads and search ads. Both can appear as static images or HTML 5 ads. Search ads are based upon the search queries that a particular user has made, whereas display ads appear while users are browsing and are targeted towards the users’ interests and preferences.

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What makes display ads so powerful?

Display ads are typically more subtle than search ads and are designed to nurture familiarity and trust within the brand’s target audience. There are 5 ways in which display ads are superior to search ads:

1. Increase brand awareness.

Media professionals such as use display ads to promote brands to their target audience.

2. Tailored marketing.

Display ads allow businesses to focus their advertising towards the audience that is most likely to be converted, maximising the return on investment.

3. Captivate audience.

Display ads, particularly HTML 5 ads, can capture an audience’s attention by appealing to their sense of humour and personalised interests. This encourages click-throughs and requests for information.

4. Powerful analytics.

Display ads allow brands to track metrics such as click-through rates and conversions to optimise the success of their campaigns.

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  1. Cost effective.Display ads are an effective strategy for attracting and retaining consumers, representing excellent value for money and offering the benefit of tailored pricing models.

    In conclusion, businesses that want to increase awareness of their brand within their target audience would do well to consider generating a creative and multi-faceted marketing campaign which in

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