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Window Grilles and Their Purposes

There are many reasons to have security window grilles on your home, but what are they exactly? The window belly bar is one common type of security grille. It extends out from the window sill to help prevent attempted break-ins. The design of this round window accessory mimics traditional muntins, making it an excellent way to protect your home. In addition, the window belly bar can be an aesthetic feature of your home.

Modern technology has seen the designs and materials of security grilles for windows

Security grilles are perfect for window security. They act as an essential deterrent to thieves and have significantly improved with the advancement of modern technology. Not only do they help protect property, but they also improve the aesthetic appeal of any property. For more information, contact Superseal Security. Here, you’ll learn more about the various options for security grilles for windows.

They mimic traditional muntins

The name muntin is a nod to the old-fashioned way that small panes of glass were joined together. Today, larger pieces of glass do not require muntin support, but many homeowners still choose to install windows with multiple panes. Unfortunately, multi-pane windows are not only costly but are also a hassle to clean. Fortunately, simulated divided lites (DDLs) mimic the look of authentic muntins. However, unlike their real counterparts, these are made of plastic or wood and adhere to the outside of the window.

Today’s windows use a variety of different styles of window grilles. Some window grilles imitate traditional muntins by mimicking the shape of a wooden grid. Others have grilles bonded to the glass window, giving the appearance of individual window panes held together by muntins. While some grilles can be removed easily, others are permanently installed on the window and do not interfere with the structure of the window.

They enhance the beauty of your home

Window grilles are decorative elements on windows that give the appearance of multiple panes. However, the decorative elements should be durable enough to withstand the stress placed on them by the walls. When a pane gets broken, the entire window must be replaced. When this happens, the grille may start to curve. It is therefore important to choose the right window grille for your home. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, window grilles can also be an excellent investment.

There are many styles of window grilles. Prairie grilles, for example, are popular in craftsman-style homes. They feature divided glass on the bottom and full panes on the top. Prairie grilles are also commonly used on double-hung windows. They typically have three long panes on the upper sash and no cross pieces. Other styles include farmhouse grilles. The farmhouse grille features clean lines and a muntin on the top sash. Double-hung windows have four panes when closed.

They protect from attempted break-ins and vandalism

Installing window grilles or security gates on your commercial property is a great way to protect your property. Security grilles and gates blend strength with a sleek design, which signals the property’s value inside and deters would-be burglars. These security grilles and gates are an excellent first line of defense for businesses. In addition, they deter would-be thieves because they make the place appear more valuable than it actually is.

Installing window grilles is simple. They are installed inside the window recess and must fit precisely into the opening. Depending on the type of masonry and brickwork on the property, the grilles can be screwed into the wall using fishplates. They can also be secured to an outside wall. Be sure to have some overlap between the grille and the wall to prevent splintering.

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