Useful Tips On How To Choose A Foundation For The Face

Choose a foundation for make-up, which makes the skin color more even, hides defects and performs a protective function. It protects it from wind, temperature extremes, and rain. With the help of the foundation, you can give your skin a smooth, beautiful tone. The most important thing is to choose it correctly so that the face does not look like a mask after application. Below we analyze how to choose the right foundation.

Features and types of foundation creams

Often, all brands in a single line of creams produce from 10 to 15 different shades. This allows you to choose an identical shade with any skin color. The brightest tones are called “porcelain”, “ivory” and the brightest: “caramel”, “peach” and “sand”. If the tonalka is sold in a transparent bottle, it is not a fact that the color you see will also look at the skin. Incorrectly chosen tonalnik, can ruin even the most flawless makeup. Therefore, it is best to reliably know what color you have in order to get the tone that suits you. The modern cream has such compositions and formulas that literally blend with the skin color, hiding the slightest flaws.

Useful Tips On How To Choose A Foundation For The Face

How to choose a foundation by skin type?

Also acquiring a tonal basis, you need to focus on the type of skin. Different types need different tools, for example:

  1. For fatty – a matting base is needed, which contains absorbing ingredients. With the help of a high-quality matting headpiece, it is possible to get rid of oily shine for a long time. Also for this type of skin, it is best to additionally use powder to fix the makeup.
  2. For dry and normal – suitable cream which contains oils and vitamins, as the skin requires additional hydration. For these types, it is advisable to apply a tonal framework with a shine effect. On oily problem skin, this cream will create an undesired focus on problem areas, but for dry skin, it will become a suitable basis for perfect makeup. In addition, to choose a foundation, you can use face powder.
  3. The combined type is the presence of both problems on the face but on different parts of it. For girls with combination skin, cosmetologists and makeup artists advise to acquire two types of a tonal framework and use both.

Useful Tips On How To Choose A Foundation For The Face

How to choose a foundation for the color of the skin?

The skin color of the face changes all the time, so before choosing a foundation you need to observe the skin and take into account its features: redness, peeling, pigmentation, allergies, etc. This will create an overall picture. It is for the convenience of choice that each base has a certain name, which is best to choose. If you are the owner of a permanent light blush, you will certainly fit light, light shades that do not create yellowness. If you have dark skin or you are a regular visitor to the tanning bed, then you should stop choosing darker colors: beige, sand, and caramel. For owners of white, so-called porcelain leather, we need the brightest tones of the palette: ivory, porcelain or vanilla.

The consistency of the tonal tool is also important. From him directly depends on how he can disguise the shortcomings. Fine wrinkles, vascular grids, and pigmentation can be easily eliminated with the help of liquid, while the thick composition, on the contrary, creates the appearance of deeper wrinkles. For dry skin, you need a thick base, enriched with a moisturizing and nourishing complex. The dense composition is used to hide such defects as acne, freckles and age spots.

Useful Tips On How To Choose A Foundation For The Face

Choose a Foundation depending on the season

Do not forget that you need to be guided when choosing not only the type and color but also the season. There is a mistaken opinion that if a tonalka fits well on the skin, then you can use it at any time of the year. But in fact, with the onset of summer heat, the girl should not only update the wardrobe, but also the makeup bag.

For summer and winter time, different care is required. Winter tonal tool should be denser and thicker, while for the summer basis you need a light, not thick composition. In the summer, the skin on the face sweats, producing sebum, so a thick composition will clog pores, which can cause various inflammatory processes. Also in the summer tonal basis must necessarily present a sunscreen formula. One of the trends in the 2018 summer makeup is the use of a high-gloss and facial bronzer.

Winter cream, in turn, should not moisturize, as excess moisture can lead to frostbite of the skin. The shade of the winter tonalnik is lighter due to the absence of summer tan and constant blush. Winter foundation should have nutritional properties. In winter, the skin needs special care.

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