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Amazing Facts About Garlic 

Did you know that there’s a National Garlic Day? However, you might want to celebrate this one alone or make sure you have some minty gum to hand! However, it’s definitely a day to celebrate as not many plants deserve as much recognition as this incredible one. Here are some fun facts about garlic that you might not know:

  1. Most garlic comes from China

When you think of garlic, you might not picture China. Garlic is native to central Asia and China grows more garlic than anywhere else on the planet, two thirds of it in fact.

  1. 2 pounds per person

The average amount of garlic consumed per person each year is approximately 2lbs. That might not sound like a lot but when you consider that 2lbs equals around 302 cloves, that’s surely enough to keep the vampires at bay? If all this talk of garlic is making you hungry, enjoy some garlic-laced cuisine today at Italian restaurants in Dublin. Visit an Italian Restaurant Dublin, like Al Forno.

Facts About Garlic 

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  1. Many health benefits

Garlic is a superfood with some amazing health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol. To get the most benefit from garlic, the key is to cut it, turning the thio-sulfinite compounds into allicin. Allicin is an anti-fungal and anti-biotic that helps reduce cholesterol.

Allicin is also good for the fight against heart disease. It helps nitric acid to release inside the blood vessels, keeping them relaxed and therefore lowering blood pressure.

  1. Full of goodness

Garlic is also a source of many other wonderful things like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy. Garlic bulbs are packed full of goodies like iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, beat-carotene, selenium, zinc, Vitamin C and potassium.

  1. Healthy since ancient history

The first use of garlic as a health aid dates back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Garlic was supplied to the men building the pyramids to give them strength. The Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian medical scroll contains a list of 22 different medicinal uses for the bulbous plant.

Facts About Garlic 

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  1. Anglo-Saxon Name

Although native to Asia, its name comes from old Anglo-Saxon words. It’s a combination of two words, ‘gar’ meaning spear and ‘lac’ meaning plant. The spear part is thought to reference the shape of its leaves.

  1. Sticky properties

Did you know that you can use garlic to make glue? The juice inside garlic cloves is often used to make adhesive, particularly for sensitive jobs that involve fragile things like glass. Crushing a clove will release the pungent, sticky contents which is surprisingly good as a bonding agent.

  1. Eases skin problems

If you’re suffering from recurring cold sores or acne, garlic could be the answer. Slice up a clove and hold them directly over the affected area for as long as you can stand. It might be a bit smelly, but the plant’s antibacterial qualities can help speed up the skin’s healing process.

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