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9 bathrooms idea in bright colors: modern and daring proposals

To decorate the bathroom with the latest trends! The color enters the decoration of the bathrooms idea with strong and intense tones. The clean white walls are a safe bet, but if you prefer to get away from the traditional and monotonous proposals, get inspired by this selection of bathrooms in bright colors: yellow, green, red, orange, blue … they will help you to get a modern atmosphere marked by the design. The bathroom that accompanies these lines belongs to a decoration project.

Yellow: light and energy

best bathroom idea

This color fills any environment with optimism and positive energy. In the yellow vibrant tile also gives joy and luminosity. If you do not want to risk, you better not abuse this tone, since it is more than likely that you will get tired or overwhelmed. Combine it with neutral tones, not so bright, as raw or white.

Green: the natural touch

the bathroom idea

In addition to providing refreshing and natural touches to the stay, the green color projects tranquility and balance. You can contrast with white, black or other ranges of green and the result will always be charming. Combine it with wood to get a warm, elegant and with character. This bathroom, covered in green tile and wood.

Turquoise blue: fresh and innovative

bathroom idea in bright colors

In addition to the harmony of blue itself, turquoise conveys the relaxing power of green and the purity of white. It is an aquatic, semi-glossy and bright color that brings amplitude, lightness and depth to small spaces. Do not hesitate to combine it with different shades of blue, green and white to achieve a peaceful atmosphere. To give life and contrast, includes details in indigo or lilac. And if you are looking for a harmonic mix, bet on the combination of blue and orange. The bathroom in the photo, in white and turquoise tile.

Blue: the color of the sea and the sky

the bathroom idea in bright colors

It provides a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Therefore, it is ideal for environments where we spend a lot of time. Due to its great variety of tonalities and styles, blue is one of the favorite colors when decorating the bathroom. Do you want to get a bath of blue tones, but that is at the same time modern ? Combine it with turquoise blue or marine, with chocolate tones and even with beige. This bathroom, perhaps a bit exaggerated for the houses of most mortals, was designed.

Red: bold and bold

top bathroom idea in bright colors

The red color generates warm and sensual environments. It is a very strong color, which should be used sparingly and delicately, especially when our space is reduced. Bathrooms idea with red walls may look smaller. Therefore, it should be balanced with other shades of color and lower the intensity of red so that the space is not so overwhelming. For a modern bathroom, combine it with light neutral tones such as gray, cream or white. Australian architect Andrew Maynard designed this bathroom, in a house in Melbourne.

Orange: cheerful and fun

bathroom idea in bright colors: modern and daring proposals

Nothing like this warm color to start the day with a lot of energy. The orange brings enthusiasm and vitality. There are different shades of orange: clear, like peach, to give the bathroom a soft color accent or stronger, such as tangerine orange, to create a more dramatic approach. Dark shades such as orange oxide or terracotta are ideal to recreate a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. This is a project of Min | Day Architects. Photography: Paul Crosby.

Gray: bathrooms idea in bright colors

best bathroom idea in bright colors

Timeless, the star color of all times fits with any decorative proposal. It is very bright and offers a wide range of colors, which is easy to combine with other colors.

Black: elegant and sophisticated

discover bathroom idea

You dare? In the bathroom that we have on these lines. we opted for a look in almost total black. While the walls, floor and ceiling are black, the interior of the bathtub is white. Elegant and sober, black is perhaps an option reserved for the most daring. If you want to give a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, but 100% black is too much for you, play with the black and white color scheme. This classic combination of color will give a touch of style to the bathroom; even more if you add other colors in the decoration to add interest and vitality.

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