Hobbies that are great for anxiety

Hobbies are not only a fun activity but can be incredibly beneficial for mental health. Anxiety is a disorder experienced by millions of people that can have a hugely detrimental impact on daily life. In conjunction with therapy and medication, hobbies can also help by offering therapeutic mindfulness, distraction and engagement with positive activity. Here are some hobbies that have been shown to improve the symptoms of anxiety:

Photography – Photography is a perfect example of practicing mindfulness. Looking at life through a lens makes you focus on the here and now, seeking out beauty in finer detail. It is a calming activity that focuses on finding beauty in the everyday world around you. It can promote different ways of looking at things, and inspire a greater appreciation for the world. This activity acts as a mental boost and can be an effective way to manage the symptoms of anxiety.

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Cooking – While cooking as a chore can be stressful, doing it for fun is highly therapeutic. Creating a nourishing dish or delicious baked items for you to enjoy is extremely rewarding and is also an exercise in mindfulness as you focus on the ingredients and bringing the process together to make something you’re in control of and can look forward to eating.

Crafting – There are so many different crafts to choose from, that there really is something for everything. Whether it’s painting, crocheting or pottery, engaging in creativity through crafts is calming and mindful. The practical aspect of crafting is highly rewarding and therapeutic. Why not try something new and consider Crochet Kits? Find out more at

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Gardening – Being outdoors can have a wonderfully lifting effect on our mood. The cool breeze and sounds of nature have a calming effect for those with anxiety and being out in the sunshine boosts your Vitamin D levels. Whether you fancy pottering around your garden planting flowers or veg or working together with others on an allotment, gardening is good for you, both physically and mentally.

Exercise – You don’t need to launch into marathons or bodybuilding to enjoy the many benefits of exercise. Any form of moderate exercise will release endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormone that provides both physical benefits and a significant mental boost to your mood. Swimming, yoga and pilates are ideal for anxiety sufferers as they are calming and available for all skill levels.

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