How to Maintain Bicycle Frame Basic Guideline

Maintaining a bicycle is not so hard task. Here we have some amazing tips on how you can do it easily. So, let’s check our article to maintain your bicycle.


Now what is essential is that your frame and forks are spotless. If you’ve got a matte finish bike what’s really important is to rinse it with cold water from a hosepipe and then rinse it again and then clean it.

The reason being if there’s any grit at all on the frame when you come to actually wash it with a sponge foregoing to get some very faint scratches.

That’s not what you want on your bike. Now if you’ve got yourself a glossy frame, this on here belongs to my colleague who designed the paintwork himself you know.

If it’s good enough for cars I reckon it’s good enough for our bike. Now if you’ve got one of these, a matter satin-type finish on your bike, increasingly popular these days, don’t use the carnauba wax.

The reason being it actually reduces the appearance of the matte finish and also after all you got the matte finish for a reason, right?

For better bike maintenance it’s important to know how to measure a bike frame properly.

WD-40 bike cleaner, it’s worked wonders on my bikes to get rid of any oil or little blemishes. As well as this, the humble wet wipe or baby wipe.

We know loads of pros who use this to clean their bikes, their shoes, even their helmet. Highly recommend it.  So why can’t we use carnauba wax on a matte or satin frame finish?

It looks like a mountain range. If you then start layering on wax or polish basically, you’re reducing that so it looks flat.

So how are we actually gonna protect and revitalize your matte paint? Get yourself along to a decent local bike shop, a decent car accessories shop.


Now if you’re building a bike from scratcher if you want full protection, we recommend having just the frame and forks to work on.

That way you can get into all the intricacies, all the fine details, and actually give yourself better protection, better shine, longer-lasting.

The good news it some products I’ve read have a 12-month lifetime. So, all that hard work is certainly worth it.

Now if you’ve not been able to strip the bike down just to the frame and forks don’t worry although we would recommend removing your brakes, your chain set, your derailleurs so you can work the wax or the liquid into all those nooks and crannies.

Then it’s simply a case of following the instructions on the product, applying it, and you’re done and now to actually stop any damage of the paintwork recommend putting on some of these.

They’re self-adhesive clear patches, they stop any cable rub ideal to protect that paintwork.

You can also get them that go underneath the down tube that’s good if you’re riding off-road. It stops any gravel or stone flicking up and damaging or chipping away at your paint.


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