Who is actually affected by Chapter 8 Chevrons

The Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 (or just Chapter 8 for short) has been set out by the government to achieve two key aims. It helps allow traffic to continue to move along roads when works are being carried out, whether they’re planned or emergency, and it keeps all operatives and other road users safe while works are taking place.

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It is no great surprise to those working in the highway maintenance industry and everyone else that workers carrying out tasks on a road are always at risk of an accident, and Chapter 8 has a huge focus on health and safety to help minimise this risk.

Keeping you visible

Set out within Chapter 8 are a range of rules that ensure all vehicles that could be required to stop and carry out works on a highway are easily visible to other road users. This includes ensuring that vehicles are a conspicuous colour; white or a non-reflective yellow such as a lemon shade are recommended.

In addition to being a bright, conspicuous colour, the rear of these vehicles is required to be emblazoned with contrasting chevrons of red and yellow to help demarcate the vehicle and make it patently obvious to other road users. Chapter 8 chevrons are designed to keep all operatives and other road users safe when works are taking place, with their highly contrasting shades and shapes standing out against all backgrounds.

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A range of manufacturers have created chevron kits that can be retro fitted to vehicles made by most major vehicle brands. Kits such as those that are available from can not only help with compliance with the new regulations, but also take pressure from firms by providing a quick and easy solution to this task. These chevrons can be fitted by the companies who supply them, or they can be fitted in-house.

Chapter 8 is for everyone

Thinking back to our initial question regarding who is affected by Chapter 8, the answer is that everyone is impacted by these rules. While the onus is on businesses and agencies who own vehicles that are likely to stop and carry out works on a carriageway, the regulations are designed to keep every road user safe and hopefully get them to their destination without experiencing much of a delay.


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