How to Know if You Are Falling in Love With Your Best Guy Friend

Wondering if you’ve reached a point where you want more than friendship with your best friend? If you are reading the following lines, it is surely because you have noticed a change in the relationship with a very close friend. Perhaps you are developing feelings for that person, or you are just a little confused and sometimes you find it difficult to distinguish affection from friendship with love and attraction.

If you feel this way, we want to help you clarify your feelings. In the following article, we tell you how to know if you are falling in love with your best guy friend and signs that will help you reflect and identify if you really have a romantic interest in that boy.

How to know if you are falling in love with your best guy friend?

The first step to finding out if you’re in love with that boy is to stop and think about whether you’ve started treating him differently. Some changes in your behavior could be the following:

falling in love with your best guy friend

  • If you do not treat him the same as the rest of your friends or you begin to treat him as you did with your partners.
  • If you are more interested in your conversations now or if it seems more fun than before.
  • If you start to feel shy when talking about certain topics with him, especially those related to love and sex.
  • If you spend more time getting ready when you stay with that person.

Spend time together

Another sign that this person is beginning to attract you romantically is when you feel more and more need to make more and more plans with him. That is, you need to share more and more time with your best friend. It is also a sign that you are a little crushed by him when that person cannot stay one day or cancels the plans because something unforeseen has come up and you, without knowing why, are sadder than normal or even get angry with the.

Finally, it also shows that you want more than friendship when you no longer only need to spend more time with him, but also, you want to spend alone with that person. If you feel identified with this point, it is because perhaps you are in love with your best friend.

You think about him constantly

It is very normal that, when we like a person, we spend more time thinking about him. For some time, you have spent your time remembering what you did yesterday, how good you had when you went to the movies together or how handsome he was at the dinner you organized with other friends. All these thoughts reflect that you miss him, and not in a precisely friendly way.

So if most of your daily thoughts are devoted to your best friend, it’s another sign that you have a romantic interest in him.


If there is a clear sign that you want something more with one of your friends, it is to start feeling jealousy for third parties. I mean, a very clear example is when your best friend flatters another girl in front of you and you feel upset.

Or also, in the event that he has started dating another, reproach him that you no longer spend so much time together or criticize some aspects of that girl. All this translates into jealousy and this type of feeling only appears when you like someone.


The last sign to distinguish friendship and love is when you have unconsciously tried to flirt with your friend on occasion unless you are a very flirtatious person by nature. But if this is not the case, identify if you have had any of the following behaviors:

  • You compliment or compliment him, whether on his physique or personality, frequently.
  • You maintain very direct eye contact and constantly smile at him when he talks to you.
  • You groom your hair or touch your face a lot when you have a conversation.
  • You absolutely laugh at all his jokes, although some, deep down, don’t seem so funny to you.

Do you try to brush against him or do you ever caress him with your hand on his arm or shoulder? You feel tickled when he looks at you or comments on how beautiful you are today.

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