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Signs to Look for Before Deciding to Buy New Windows

Whether you live in a modern home or a historic cottage, windows are essential to your home. They allow natural light into your home, insulate you from weather and noise, and improve curb appeal. However, they eventually require replacement, just like any other component of your house. That’s when you need to know the signs that it’s time for a replacement.

Cracks or Cracked Seals

If your windows have cracks or a cracked seal, it could indicate that your window needs to be replaced. Broken windows allow the elements in, compromising your comfort and energy efficiency. Thankfully, new windows have insulated glass units that contain two or more panes separated by an air space. This layer of air is filled with argon or krypton, which acts as an insulator to keep heat from escaping or letting in the cold. When this air escapes through a broken window seal, it creates fog between the window panes that don’t disappear unless you do something to fix the issue. It also distorts the view outside and causes the window to warp or bend inward, which can signify that it’s time for a replacement.

High Energy Bills

Homeowners in Denver routinely change windows to improve energy efficiency. Standard windows contribute about 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy loss, so home window replacements in Denver can help reduce your home’s energy bills. High energy bills strongly indicate that your windows need to be replaced. Drafty, old windows allow outside air to enter your home and force your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Aside from affecting your energy efficiency, drafty windows can also lead to noise problems in your home. If you’re experiencing loud neighbors or traffic sounds, replacing your windows could solve your problem.

Foggy or Foggy Windows

When your windows fog, it can indicate that you need to replace them. Foggy windows can be dangerous to your health as they promote mold growth. In older homes, window seals that allow moisture to seep between the glass panes can significantly cause energy loss. Double-pane windows typically feature insulating glass (IG) with argon or krypton gas in the space between the two panes to help slow heat transfer and boost energy efficiency. If insulated windows are leaking, it may be time for new ones. It will improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase your resale value.

Old Windows

Old windows are a big part of the charm and character of older homes. But it’s important to be mindful of their aging and the signs they need replacing. Window sashes are often made from wood and can swell, crack and rot over time if not properly treated. These issues are easily addressed with a little woodworking knowledge and judicious use of structural epoxy putty, sanding and repainting.

Leaking Windows

There are several causes for window leaks, but if they continue, it’s time to consult a specialist. A small leak can cause major damage, like window rot and mold growth. Leaking windows can also affect your energy bills. They can make your heating and cooling system work harder and waste energy, resulting in higher costs. Another possible reason for a leak is a problem with the windows themselves. If the mullions, operator knobs or other hardware are damaged, they may not close correctly, and a leak could occur. Additionally, make sure there is no moisture between the glass panes. It can indicate a leak in the glass seal, which keeps a layer of gas between the panes to keep temperatures steady.

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