Eliminate blackheads naturally from skin with activated carbon

The activated carbon can be useful for removing blackheads from the nose and chin and forehead but are not as effective against blackheads on shoulders and back. The patches act as an adhesive tape which, by sticking to the impurity, removes them from the dilated pores and eliminates the black spot.

Among the natural remedies to remove black points include ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda but, in fact, a deep cleansing facial is the first step to ensure the elimination of blacks points, even deeper ones.

How to do? Every day, be sure to wash your face properly. Facial cleansing is essential: use a specific soap and insist on cleansing in areas where blackspots are mainly concentrated. In an initial phase, if you rub excessively, you may see a worsening: irritated skin may lead to pimples. Do not worry: insist that in the long run, the deep hygiene of the face “pays” and you will end up with no black spots on your nose or chin (most affected areas).

Even if you trade there are many”advertised” facial cleaners, I invite you to choose more”anonymous” brands, perhaps less known but which can only offer natural ingredients to your skin. Among the various natural detergents on the market, you can find one based on honey and other natural ingredients. It is a detergent (even if there is written “exfoliating”, the consistency and formulation is delicate to allow its daily use) for the deep hygiene of the face.

Activated carbon deep cleansing blackhead facial care removal

  • Beauty mask for face care. Black mask cleaningout dirt and effective cuticle on the face.
  • Oil-control, anti-aging, acne treatment, pore cleaner. Improving the blood circulation of the face from this mask.
  • Helps keep your face smooth and tender. Peeloff mask helps to remove oil stains or spots on the face with dailyuse.
  • The black mask is highly effective and ensures adeep cleansing; leaves the skin fresh, without sebum and soft to the touch,this detachment mask is easy to apply and has a strong impact on the cleaningof the pores and on the removal of impurities on the surface of the skin.
  • Before applying the skin test on the inside ofthe arm to be performed, please. If there is allergic phenomenon redness,please do not use. If you have problems, please contact us at any time. We arehappy to help you.

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