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As a child bullied as an icon of the Planet: the young Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg tells her story on the issue of GQ at newsstands. Greta Thunberg’s net worth is also remarkable. Many have told the story of Greta Thunberg, now sixteen, but rarely in the right way. Greta is the Swedish student who, in August of last year, decided to go on strike for the climate, giving life to a global movement that sees the participation of about 1.6 million people in 133 different countries.

Greta Thunberg net worth and lifestyle

The one that appeared on the cover of Time, who met Barack Obama and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Greta Thunberg’s net worth is about 100 billion dollars. The one that gave speeches to the United Nations, the Davos World Economic Forum and the British Parliament. What has become the symbol of a generation, ignored by another who will not have to suffer the consequences of their deafness? “We have ten years,” she often says in her speeches, “to prevent the chain reaction that will forever prejudice the future of our planet.” If we start listening to it when Greta is 26, it will be too late.

Facts about Greta Thunberg

According to the cynical interpretation, it was the parents who pushed her, wrote her speeches and exploited her daughter to promote their cause. The optimistic thesis states, on the contrary, that Greta’s mother – Malena Ernman – would have renounced her career as an opera singer to avoid having to fly. And she would have done it not for the Planet, but for the daughter who suffered from depression, did not eat, did not speak and for which the cause she decided to embrace has become a sort of recovery path. The truth, as often happens, is halfway there. Read also: Latin Rapper and Reggaeton Singer Ozuna’s Net Worth and Biography

First, Greta Thunberg tells what she ate for breakfast. It is not the answer to our question – it is simply a microphone test – but her words are illuminating. She ate some bread “that was about to go bad” with a hummus “that was about to go bad.”

Thunberg has often spoken of her Asperger syndrome as a superpower, and never as a problem:

It allows him to see the world more clearly. And to understand why we continue to ignore what should be on the front pages of all the newspapers every day. In her speech in Parliament Square in London, October 31, 2018, She said: “I have Asperger’s syndrome and for me, almost everything is white or black. I believe that in many respects we autistic are the normal ones; the strange people are rather the others. They continue to say that climate change is an existential threat, which is the most important issue of all. And yet, they carry on as they have always done ». This is where the climate school strike is born, the refusal to take the plane and breakfast with food that is about to go bad.

What was breakfast like?

“Good” responds to her no-frills manner. “It has satisfied me.” The food was a bit the point from which this whole story began. Greta is even smaller than one might imagine: she is a child of less than one meter fifty and looks more like a twelve-year-old than a sixteen-year-old. It is the effect of a severe depression that she suffered when she was eleven years old and the consequent eating disorder. Within two months, she lost ten pounds and stopped talking.

Scenes From The Heart

A family autobiography is written primarily by her mother, recounts in detail all their labor. It was a Tuesday morning in November 2014. Two months before, Greta started to refuse food and so that day, next to the dining table, an A3 sheet is hanging on the wall, on which they note what Greta is eating, how much, in what times and the exact number of morsels. Parents pleaded, pleaded, tried to bribe, cried and threatened, but eventually found that the best way to deal with the problem is a kind of discreet surveillance. After breakfast, they write: «1/3 of banana. Time: 53 minutes».

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It goes on like this for a while, including hospital visits, clinical exams and psychotherapy sessions. On the A3 sheet, meanwhile, they continue to write: “A banana, 25 minutes”, or “An avocado with 25 grams of rice, 30 minutes”. At one point, the doctor prescribes sertraline against depression, and Greta takes the long road to recovery. Weight loss stops. “Salmon” and “croquettes” appear on the sheet hanging on the wall.

There is hope when he goes back to school

Greta has always been a brilliant child – she has a photographic memory, knows how to rattle off the capitals of all the nations of the world and knows the chemical elements by heart, even if she stumbles in the pronunciation – but the other children become the problem: they understand that she is “different “, And this difference is a sufficient reason to bully it. Greta’s parents only find out about it when her father, Svante, accompanies her at the Christmas school party and discovers that, despite her presence, her classmates point her out and taunt her.

During the Christmas holidays

Greta tells her parents about bullying, but with an amused tone, as if it hadn’t happened to her or brought back the scenes of a movie set in a high school. They come out of the barrel, the ambushes, the systematic marginalization, her tactics to hide in the girls until it was forced out in the schoolyard. The institute blames her, claiming with her parents that – according to several students – Greta behaves strangely, speaks too low and never says goodbye.

Sometime later, at Stockholm’s Center for Eating Disorders, Greta’s physical condition improved enough to be able to undergo a neuropsychiatric examination. A Greta is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome: a form of high-functioning autism, accompanied by obsessive-compulsive disorders. For the mother, this diagnosis is a cause of relief rather than of concern: she has the feeling of being out of the tunnel, of finally having a path to follow.

It is now spring and, walking back home with her daughter. He also realizes another miraculous fact: for the First Time since Time immemorial. She can avoid worrying about the calories that Greta takes.

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In interviews,

Thunberg often stated that her climate battle was helpful in the recovery process from depression. In the weeks – in the months – when she didn’t go to school, she told her parents about her worries, her fears, and the topic she was constantly returning to was the environment.

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