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Lunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins and supplements for the spring diet

Lunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins, and supplements for the spring diet. With the arrival of spring, it is pleasant to have lunch outside, perhaps at the park. You can prepare your own dishes rich in vegetables and fruit, to be consumed on a bench in the sun. To combat the fatigue typical of the change of season, the composition of this spring diet must be varied without sacrificing taste.

Quick and practical spring recipes for lunch at the park

The good weather encourages us to eat outdoors: lunch must provide the necessary energy to face the rest of the day, without weighing it down. They also serve simple dishes, which can be eaten cold and easily transported. Here are some possible recipes:

Recipe for a salad of barley and vegetablesLunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins and supplements for the spring diet

L ‘ barley is useful to eliminate toxins and cleanse the body, good to alternate with pasta and rice.


-120 gr. Pearl barley

-1 leek

-½ yellow pepper

-150 gr peas


-extra virgin olive oil

-Salt to taste

-spices at will

Procedure Prepare the barley according to the instructions on the purchase package. Wash the leek and cut it into slices; wash the pepper and cut it into thin strips. In a large pan put a little oil and brown the leek, add some water and pour the shelled peas into it, cook them for about 15 minutes. Finally,y add the pepper and cook for 1 further minute, adding a little water if necessary. Add the barley to the pan, season with a little oil and the juice of half a lemon, salt and spices to taste, leave to flavor for a few minutes. Once cooled it is ready to take for lunch. It is one of the best recipes for a Lunch break.

Recipe for chicken saladLunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins and supplements for the spring diet

A unique dish ideal to be consumed during the lunch break that gives the right amount of protein and vitamins without weighing down digestion. It is one of the best recipes for a Lunch break.


-500g of chicken

-3 stalks of celery

-2 carrots

-1 onion

-50 g pitted olives

-400 gr lettuce

-1 apple

-extra virgin olive oil


-Salt to taste

Procedure Boil the chicken breast in lightly salted water for about 10 minutes, then cut it into strips or pieces and let it cool after seasoning with salt, oil and lemon juice, leaving it to marinate to the flavor. Meanwhile, wash the lettuce, celery, carrots, onion and chop everything well and place in a bowl with sliced olives. When the chicken is cold, add it together with diced apple and mix well. It is one of the best recipes for a Lunch break.

Other examples of foods correct for the spring diet and easy to eat outside the home are: the savory pie with vegetables, the couscous with vegetables, a wholemeal sandwich with some turkey, salad and tomatoes, or cheese and vegetables. Remember to always consume 1 fruit after 1h of the meal and drink plenty of water at the end of the meal. If the vitamins taken with food are not enough to tone us up, it is useful to use multivitamin supplements  or mineral salts that help the body in this delicate step.

Vitamins to supplement for the spring

Lunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins and supplements for the spring diet

-Vitamin B, improves the assimilation of carbohydrates and proteins as well as actively participating in metabolic processes, giving muscles and nervous system a boost of vitality.

-Vitamin C, for the correct functioning of the immune system, to purify the body thanks to its antioxidant power.

-Vitamins E and A, essential to protect the skin from oxidative damage and to combat free radicals preventing premature aging and skin irritation due to sun exposure. In addition, the vitamin is essential for vision.

-Vitamin D, important for controlling the amount of calcium that is absorbed by the intestine and to regulate the same along with phosphorus in the blood, also promotes the absorption of vitamin A.

-Vitamin H, its deficiency can cause drowsiness, muscle pain and a general sense of fatigue, which can worsen spring fatigue.

Minerals to be integrated for springLunch break at the park: recipes, vitamins and supplements for the spring diet

-Vitamins alone are sometimes not enough, some need the concomitant presence of minerals which, if deficient, can cause tiredness, muscle weakness and cramps. Typical minerals for spring are:

-Magnesium:  contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function. Essential for the muscles.

Potassium  that together with magnesium disperses very easily with sweat, it must be replenished in order not to fall into a state of asthenia and maintain mental lucidity, in addition to preventing muscle cramps. It helps to regulate the osmotic balance and water retention and regulates the acid-base balance.

-Calcium: together with magnesium and potassium it is essential for the transformation of nutrients into energy as well as for bones and teeth;

-Manganese: essential for mental efficiency and helps metabolic balance;

-Phosphorus: its deficiency generates malaise and asthenia that would increase the typical spring fatigue ;

-Iron:  indispensable for the transport of oxygen in the blood;

-Zinc and Selenium:  contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

There are also multivitamin complexes with mineral salts, vitamins but also herbal extracts or roots to tone the body, among which we can mention:

-Ginseng and Maca  with tonic and adaptogenic effect;

-Goji extract that has an antioxidant action;

-Rhodiola  useful in the presence of mental fatigue and contributes to the normal mood;

-Eleutherococcus  that can promote memory and cognitive functions;

Acerola  which contributes to normal energy metabolism, the normal psychological function and the immune system.

Finally, we have the royal jelly particularly suitable for children of school age, for the elderly and also in cases of lack of appetite.

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