How to apply magnetic lashes

That the false eyelashes thing is not easy and, let’s face it, comfortable, it is a reality. Of course, they are the fever among celebs’ and influencers and raise a sleeping look like nothing for the event of the year.

Whether you have long and voluminous eyelashes or not, artificial applications add extra intensity and sensuality by framing the eyes. The new, now, does not have glue … but magnets. We are talking about magnetic eyelashes. The ideal ‘easy & quick’ accessory for your looks from now on.

We have tried Eylure’s, a brand trusted by, among others, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, and Sophia Loren. They are quick and easy to install … or so they say, because the nets burned with the launch of this ‘glue free’ version, adding that they were quite complicated to put up. Eylure’s are 3/4 length lashes that are naturally braided, with a light finish and a mink effect. Of course, they are cruel free and their touch is soft and fluffy. They hold up to 15 uses and come with an applicator for use and a transport box ($14.99).

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How to put themHow to apply magnetic lashes

You will see it in the video (the first time!) But summarizing in 3 steps:

  1. Place the upper lash, over your natural lash
  2. Bring the lower tab underneath, until they meet
  3. With the tweezers, blend them with your natural eyelash, which will be like a “sandwich” between the two.


We recommend putting them on with your natural eyelashes already made up, that is, with the mascara applied. Don’t put mascara on this version, because it doesn’t need it. They are quite intense and will make them last longer.

To remove them, grasp both with your fingers and pull gently. They do not hurt, they do not leave glue. They are amazing!

Hit play to see it.

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