How To Customize An Amazing Backyard Deck

Your backyard deck is a thing of beauty. The only problem is, it doesn’t quite feel like ‘you’ yet. While your deck is a part of your home, it’s still got tons of potential to become something that feels a bit less safe and more off the beaten path. If you really want your outdoor space to pop, you can’t build a deck that’s boring or basic. When it comes to the best custom decks portland can offer, you need to take advantage of your personality, and your creativity, to create something that actually feels like home. It doesn’t take a huge budget or a lot of fancy extras to achieve this. Instead, all you need to do is focus in on a few basic elements and start working. Whatever you do, before you decide to rehaul your deck, take these tips into account for creating a gorgeous, customized backyard deck.

Choose a Wood Stain

If the wood on your deck has grown dull and boring, it’s no reason to despair. No matter how bland or old your wood looks, it’s easy enough to perk up using a wood stain. The beauty of this is that you can easily apply it yourself without a lot of effort, as long as you’ve taken the trouble to wash your deck thoroughly first. While you might not think that a wood stain is enough to give your deck the true makeover it needs, it’s a great place to start. You’d be surprised at how much a new stain perks up an old structure, especially if it’s 100 percent natural wood. Take advantage of your materials to make your deck stand out and shine in the sun. You can apply a wood stain easily and keep refreshing it when things start to get dull again.

Create More Privacy

Having a bit of privacy isn’t just a nice plus to having your own backyard area. It can end up seriously classing things up. Creating some barriers between you and your neighbors, not to mention between you and the more pesky aspects of the outside world like insects and other pests, can become a stylish statement in its own right. Installing a high lattice wall that keeps the breeze flowing without exposing you to every passer-by is a great way to turn your outdoor space into a lovely fortress. You can also add a pergola or another hooded fixture to turn your outside deck into a shady, yet well-lit area for relaxing and reading. Though it might seem expensive to install a larger structure, it’s actually a great way to save money in the long run. Rather than updating your deck with new accessories and additions each year, you can install a larger piece to transform your space on the instant.


Don’t be afraid to use little touches for decoration. Just because you’re trying to give your space a bit more color and personality doesn’t mean you should have to spend all your savings on the job. Doing little things like installing flower boxes and hanging vases can do a lot to brighten up the space. You’re outside, so don’t be squeamish about taking elements of the outdoors and using them to give your space a bit more light and color. You can use some small benches, string lights, or vintage pieces that don’t quite fit inside the home to hang out on your deck and give it some extra flavor. With the right accessories, your deck can become a fun, eclectic space that feels a bit wilder and free than your indoor design.

Set the Mood

What’s better than outdoor lighting to create a mood and a moment? All it takes is a few solar powered lights and inexpensive installations to turn your deck into a beautiful nighttime oasis where you can sit and drink under the stars. Don’t be afraid to make your deck as cozy as possible. If you have any kind of a privacy wall or a ceiling protecting the area, it’s all the more reason to go all-out on the coziness factor. Outfit your deck with lawn chairs and areas where guests can lay around and truly relax.

Ramp Up the Greenery

Remember, your outdoor space should take full advantage of its green, lush surroundings. Think about hanging some vines and plants that can give your space some attitude, or even a few succulents to give your deck a lovely desert vibe. Don’t be afraid to use outside elements to give your deck a brand new look.



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