How to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

How to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips! Winter weddings require some extra effort to choose the dress, especially given the unfavorable weather conditions. Here are some tips to choose the best! Getting married in winter: the magic of the cold that strengthens the hugs; even more romantic decorations; the climate that pushes to eat more and to warm up with a glass of wine. For the organization of this wedding, ideas can be varied, and even the bride has the opportunity to find the perfect dress. But the guests have a lot to do, and if men have the classic suit jacket and tie to support them, for us women the choice is complicated slightly. We must, therefore, be well trained to dedicate ourselves to the shopping of this dress, like this:

To choose the right outfit, let’s start with some simple tips that will allow us to go straight to the goal!

1. For a winter wedding, choose a long dressHow to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

How to avoid the problem of cold without giving up a wonderful dress? Opt for long dresses, not necessarily pompous or princess, indeed, perhaps in soft fabrics that will accompany your movements in a beautiful dance. You can choose the classic empire dress or opt for a vintage-style model, absolutely trendy this fall-winter. If you do not prefer the dress, shirt, pants, and jacket will be perfect for a sensual look androgynous.

2. Forget the flesh-colored stockingsHow to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

The stocking is necessary but, unlike the summer, forget the flesh-colored one. Choose a black sock, possibly not too opaque, or choose something special that will act as a jewel, or it will be the real star of your outfit. Beware of exaggerations: if you choose a very particular stocking, opt for a simple dress, maybe with a longuette skirt, and one-color.

3. Choose suitable colors for the winter ceremony dressHow to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

Nobody forbids the bright colors of the summer, but winter certainly offers more than valid black variations. The Navy, the burgundy, the dark red, the greenfinch, the ‘ silver and so on and so forth. If we are black addicted and we can not imagine ourselves with too colorful clothes, these are excellent solutions. If you want to dare, you can opt for some colorful print or for a nice mustard yellow.

4. Your best friend will be the coatHow to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

In winter the army of the lovers of the coats lives moments of great happiness and weddings in this period are an excellent opportunity to show off the most particular. Your best friend for a winter wedding will be a very elegant coat, preferably long, which will serve both for travel and as a really important piece (maybe you’ll never take it off). Dare but do not forget to be super chic!

5. Choose shoes that will not freeze your feetHow to dress for a winter wedding: 5 top tips!

Even if the sandal always maintains its great charm, winter is not suitable for showing off, especially in case of rain or snow. Opt for a high- heeled ankle boot, not necessarily a stiletto, indeed, this winter the wide heel will be the protagonist. If you do not like high shoes, absolutely dancers are banned: opt for a lace-up, especially if you have chosen an androgynous look.

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