The delicious world of the wedding cake

When it comes to planning all the elements of your wedding it can seem like a never-ending list. After you have chosen your location and decoration items and booked Nick Rutter Photography who is a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer to take some memorable picture of your day, you can focus on the small details such as the food and the all-important wedding cake.

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There are many traditions that surround the wedding cake and many people still follow at least one if not more of these when it comes to their own cakes and their wedding day.

Saving the top tier – this tier is often saved for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary or perhaps at the christening of their first child. Traditionally couples would have their first child within the first year of their marriage, but as more and more people are choosing to enjoy some time together before starting a family this is often enjoyed at an anniversary meal instead. The best way to store this is wrapped carefully and placed in the freezer and ten defrosted thoroughly the night before you need it.

Cutting of the cake – this is probably one of the top moments at any wedding reception including the first dance and the throwing of the bouquet. It is one moment that all wedding photographers and most wedding guests alike capture on their cameras. The first cut into the cake symbolises the couple’s first joint act together as a married couple. Once the initial slice has been taken out the rest of the cake cutting is usually left to whoever is catering the wedding.

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Feeding each other cake – for some couples cutting the first slice of the wedding cake leads onto then feeding each other a small bite. It is thought that this act shows the couples trust and commitment to one another. Although for some couples it becomes a mini food fight as they push the slice of cake into each other’s faces in front of all of their family and friends.

Cake under the pillow – this tradition is thought to date back over 300 years and it is believed that wedding guests who place a small piece of cake under their pillow at night will dream of their future partner.  As cakes started to move away from the traditional fruit cake recipe many people used to give away wedding cake shaped favours instead.

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