How to Make an Astronaut Costume for Children

When you ask many boys and girls what they want to be when they grow up, many respond the same: when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. Taking into account that it is a dream job, it is not surprising that astronaut costumes are the most recurring and appreciated of the Carnival, Halloween, etc.

If you also want to make your homemade astronaut costume to travel to space, we show you an easy and detailed step by step. Not only do we explain how to make a fabulous astronaut costume, but we help you make your homemade astronaut helmet. Pay attention and don’t lose detail!

Make an astronaut costume for children

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Plastic bottles
  • Silver paint and brush
  • Scissors
  • Boots
  • Patches

Astronaut Costume kids

How to make a homemade astronaut helmet?

One of the central elements of the astronaut costume is the helmet since if this element is well crafted. It will make all the difference from other costumes. it will be much more authentic! To make the homemade astronaut helmet easily, you have several options:

Make the astronaut case with paper and paste: using a balloon as a base to cover with the paper and the paste, you will get the perfect shape of the astronaut helmet. Cut out the remaining parts so that the child can stick his head and have good vision, then paint it white and draw some blue, red and black buttons to give it a more authentic look.

Use a cube as a helmet: you can cut the cube so that the boy or girl can see well. In addition, we also recommend quilting the inside of the bucket with kitchen paper or foam and painting it as we have mentioned in the previous point. If you do not get adequate paint to adhere to the surface of the bucket, we recommend that you first line it with newspaper.

The motorcycle helmet that you no longer wear: if you have a motorcycle helmet that you no longer use with little effort, you will get a perfect home astronaut helmet for the children’s astronaut costume.

In any case, to complete the astronaut costume for children, you have to add something essential: the tubes that connect the helmet with the suit or the space backpack. You will find suitable tubes for this craft in any hardware store, although you can also use the cardboard in which the kitchen paper is rolled. With these simple steps, you will be closer to getting an astronaut costume for children with recycled material.

Make the astronaut costume space backpack

The next step to continue with the explanation of how to make a homemade astronaut costume for children is to prepare a good space backpack. So, we recommend that you be the most original and use two 2-liter bottles to make this accessory:

  • Clean and dry both bottles.
  • Paint them metallic gray and join them with glue or with a little white masking tape. You can also glue them to cardboard that goes on the child’s back.
  • Add some tapes so that braces that you can glue with adhesive glue or sew to the cardboard once the paint has dried.
  • Finally, add some strips of paper or felt red, yellow and orange to look like space engines.

You can also create a space backpack from a cardboard box and decorate it with gray paint before adding red, black and blue colored buttons. Remember to connect some of the helmet tubes to the space backpack.

Make a homemade astronaut costume

Next, we show you the different alternatives that you have at your disposal to make the astronaut suit for children :
Wear white clothes: you will only need pants, socks, leggings or leggings, as well as a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure all the garments are the same white color and you will be ready.

Make a custom suit: you will only need a sewing machine, white cloth and sewing skills. You can always help the patterns to make it easier for you, although if you prefer, you can order the dress from a dressmaker. Add some fake pocket with strips of black fabric and try to make the cuffs of the sleeves and the neck somewhat thicker and black.

To decorate the suit, you can use different patches or motifs such as flags and stars, something that you can make yourself with felt and sew on the clothes. Placing on the suit, for example, the characteristic logo of NASA and the flag of the United States will give the costume a much more real and spatial touch.

To complete the costume, it will also be important to choose the shoe well. In this case, it is recommended to wear gray or black water boots, although you can also make some covers to cover the shoes of the little house and simulate boots.

If these options are not possible, you can opt for classic black ankle boots or sneakers. Don’t forget to include a pair of white gloves, as this will make the final appearance of the homemade astronaut costume incredible.

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