How to Manage Japanese Knotweed and Why it Should be Taken Seriously

Invasive plants can be a real nightmare in the garden, but the plant that frequently tops the list of the most invasive and problematic in the UK is the Japanese Knotweed. This undaunted plant seems to be able to take over wherever it grows and the reason it is such a huge problem is that it is strong enough to push up through hard surfaces such as concrete – so it is also a problem for building developers, who need the help of a Remediation Contractors like Soilfix to ensure that they are not building over any.

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Japanese knotweed is not something that anyone wants in the garden, and it is something that should be dealt with quickly. If you suspect that you have Japanese Knotweed growing on your property, then you should get it professionally identified, as other plants look similar to it. It is not an offence to have it growing in your own garden, but you must make sure that it is controlled and kept out of other gardens.

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It is illegal however to plant Japanese Knotweed anywhere other than your garden and in the countryside particularly. When you are disposing of it, care should be taken to get it removed correctly – it is not allowed in normal household or garden waste, as it is very good at reproducing and setting up home with even a small amount of root.

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