How to offer a better parcel delivery service to your customers

If your business relies on shipping products to customers for its success, getting your parcel delivery services right is vital. If you don’t, you could damage your customer relationships and lose business. You can offer a better parcel delivery service to customers in lots of ways. Here, we outline five that not only work well but will help you keep costs low.

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1. Use more than one delivery service

Using one courier or delivery service might seem like a good idea, but if that courier lets you down, you could be stuck, unable to get your packages delivered. So, while you might want to use a primary courier, it makes sense to have at least one alternative you can use. This also allows you to compare the quality of service, swapping delivery services if you find a better one.

2. Negotiate discounted rates

If you do use a primary delivery company, or are looking for a new delivery company, talk to them about discounts if you send a certain number of packages, or ask them if they offer business parcel delivery rates.


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3. Different delivery options

One size fits all doesn’t always work when it comes to keeping your customers happy. Not all of them will be available when you want to deliver a package, for example. Offer them options for package delivery, including same day delivery. If you’re looking for a same day courier Manchester based can help.

4. Get your packaging right

You want to make sure that your goods arrive at their destination undamaged, which could mean you have to replace them (and cover the cost). Investing in the right packaging can help avoid this happening and keep customers happy.

5. Delivery management systems

As your business grows and you start to mail more packages, it’s worth investing in software to help you manage your deliveries. There are lots of options available on the market, so look for ones that are suitable for the size of your business (or the size you want your business to be).

By implementing these changes, you should be able to streamline your package delivery services, cut your costs and keep your customers happy, which all go a long way to helping make your business a success.

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