How to Prevent Falls at Home

The saying ‘safe as houses’ may not be entirely true – many accidents happen in the home, and the group most at risk of having an accident and suffering bad consequences are the elderly. For some elderly people they may need an extra bit of help and support with staying safe at home, and this may even mean moving to somewhere such as this care home Taunton based Notaro  but for those who may just need a helping hand, here are some of the ways that you can prevent falls at home…

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Have a tidy up – Removing clutter means that there are less things to trip over, and it is also a good excuse for a spring clean!

Think about floor Coverings – Carpets with edges that are coming up, or rugs are a bad idea as it is too easy to catch the edge with a foot and take a tumble, so consider flooring such as non-slip wood flooring.

Use Rails – Handrails are a good way to help someone moving around the home, as well as next to the bath and toilet to prevent falling when getting up and down.

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Have Good Lighting – Good lighting is important as the older people get, the more their vision declines, and they will need to see clearly where they are going so they don’t lose their footing.

Pay attention to clothing – If possible, avoid loose clothing which can catch on things like door handles and cause a fall.

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