How to style your bedroom like an interior designer

There aren’t many of us who can afford to hire an interior designer to come and give us the bedroom of our dreams. There are also not many of us who have oodles of time to dedicate to transforming our bedroom into a chic, stylish boudoir either. That’s why you’ll love these tips, hot from the interior designers themselves:


This is the best place to start and is a crucial consideration when creating the desired ambience in your bedroom. What mood or atmosphere do you wish to create? Be sure to pick a colour that corresponds well with that mood or emotion. It’s ok to use a bright or bold colour. If you think it’s too much for a wall, then why not consider painting the ceiling in a bold colour? Or you could incorporate the colour in a wallpapered wall. Colour can also be added in your furniture choices. Good serene and relaxing shades to choose include pale blues, light greys, neutral tones and soft pink. If you have fallen in love with a darker hue, remember that you can incorporate it within your accessories.


Lighting plays an important role in setting the right mood. A good mixture works best, such as task lighting for hair, makeup and dressing while having a lighter option for relaxation. To create a chic look, why not hang a chandelier over the bed and use bedside lamps for softer, more ambient lighting. Consider lighting that comes with a dimmer switch for the bedroom, so you can adjust light levels to suit.

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Any bedroom designer will tell you that mess and clutter ruin a room. When you have clear surfaces and an organised environment, you feel better, happier and much calmer. This is what makes fitted wardrobes such a popular choice for the modern bedroom. They offer a great way to store everything neatly and out of sight, providing a variety of compartments for storage. This also does away with the need to place extra pieces of furniture like cabinets, drawers and free-standing wardrobes. For Bespoke Fitted wardrobes, visit or you could also opt for a storage unit to have a place for your old furniture and decors.

Main focal point

If there are too many things in your bedroom, it takes a lot of effort for the eye to focus on it and take it in. Instead, consider having one main focal point which is more relaxing on the eye. Something like an over-sized headboard that nearly reaches the ceiling is a good example of a centrepiece that catches the eye and looks supremely luxurious.

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Whilst colour and furniture ae the main focuses when it comes to bedroom design, the role of texture should not be understated. The feel of a room is also important and can add much-needed comfort and interesting contrast. Obviously, the desired textures for bedrooms are soft and opulent, fabrics like velvet, silk, faux fur and wood. These textures offer a calming vibe and feelings of tranquillity, as opposed to the harsher glare of shiny, hard or mirrored surfaces like chrome, steel or metals.


It looks good, it feels good, so now make sure it smells good too. Consider placing finishing touches like flowers, scented candles or calming reed diffusers, for example.



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