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How to use a nail dehydrator?

Having perfect nails is not an easy task. The rhythm of life, work or stress can contribute to these being broken or cracked. That is why nail centers are becoming more and more fashionable. Hundreds of people spend every day wishing to have a manicure that lasts several weeks without worrying about the polish rising or the nail breaking. However, we may not be able to afford to go to one of these centers every month, but we can try to do it from our home. Many products go into a good manicure, such as nail dehydrator. Don’t you know it yet? This article will tell you all about what the nail dehydrator is for and how to apply it. Within our routine to have a beautiful and durable finish.

How to use a nail dehydrator?

For our dehydrator to have the desired effect on our nails, it is very important to apply it correctly. Here are some simple steps to apply the nail dehydrator and which will be the first ones you will need to take into account when doing your manicure:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any debris or dirt and dry them well.
  • Perform general cleaning of the nail, removing cuticles and dead skin from around it.
  • File the nail, shaping it and using it to polish its surface.
  • With the nail already exposed and clean, apply two coats of the dehydrator and let them dry.
  • With these simple steps, you will have your nails ready to get a permanent or semi-permanent manicure that can last you perfectly for several weeks if you take good care of it. After the dehydrator, it is time to apply the nail primer and the other products that contribute to the manicure. Still, if you start using the dehydrator, you will immediately notice the long-lasting effects and have strong and beautiful nails for longer.

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What is a nail dehydrator?

Many people who have spent their entire lives painting their nails by simply applying the polish and letting it dry may be wondering what nail dehydrator is and what it is used for. As we said, when we go to the beauty centers, we can spend a long time in the hands of one or a stylist until finally, they start to apply the enamel. This is due to the importance of preparing the nail before enameling to protect the fabric and ensure that the result lasts longer.

In this sense, one of the star products in the manicure process is the nail dehydrator. This liquid product is responsible for eliminating excess moisture and fat that our body produces naturally, leaving the nail dry and ready to be manipulated. Continue reading: Shirts to wear with blue pants

What is the nail dehydrator for?

Within the nail dehydrator’s world of nails and manicures has a very important role since, as we said, it is in charge of eliminating excess water and sebum that our nails generate.

This point is very important since if we do not apply it or do it correctly, in the long run, the nail will end up producing moisture naturally, creating a layer between the nail and the paint. For this reason, the polish will peel and loosen earlier than desired, making the whole process less worthwhile. That is why knowing how to dehydrate the nails is very valuable to wear the manicure that we love so much in the longest possible way and without damaging the nail.

What goes first the first or the nail dehydrator?

One of the big questions that people who are starting to do their manicures ask themselves is the order of applying the products. Nail primer is a product that should go first since it will act as a protective barrier with our nails and will absorb everything that is thrown on it, promoting its duration and quality without damaging the nail.

However, if you are one of those people who, no matter how much money you spend on nail products, always end up lifting the polishes before they should, perhaps you should consider using the nail dehydrator as the first step in manicure. This is because your nails possibly secrete more moisture and grease and need extra support from the dehydrator to achieve a better manicure finish. Therefore, use a nail dehydrator before the primer and other products.

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