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How to wash suit at home?

There are different methods by which clothes can be washed at home. Each type of garment requires a different process, especially depending on the material with which they have been manufactured. The same thing happens with suits: washing them at home is easy if you choose the ideal method, that is, dry, by hand or in the washing machine depending on the fabric of the garment.

Another factor that can influence the washing of a suit is the color, but the material is the most decisive. Therefore, the most important thing is to read the label of the garment before washing it, since there will come the main guidelines that you must follow. Then, discover how to wash a suit at home step by step, with the ideal method to do it correctly. Read more: How to stretch polyester shirt?

How to wash suit at home?

By consulting the labeling of the garment you want to clean, you will discover which methods are suitable and which are not to wash a suit at home. Suit trousers can be washed in the washing machine as well as the rest of the garments, but always turning them over before putting them in the drum of the appliance.

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By turning the garments of the suit, you protect the color of each one of them and prevent the seams and fabrics from wearing out. Also, you make sure you don’t have any kind of problem with lint that could get stuck on the suit. If you turn it over after the wash cycle, the suit will be totally pristine.

Wash the suit cold and without spinning

To know how to wash a linen suit at home or of any material, you must know the programs of your washing machine very well. Both cotton, linen and polyester are suitable for washing in this appliance. However, selecting the washing machine program with which you are going to clean the suit is the fundamental point of the process since the washing machine is capable of washing in many ways.

To treat your suit well and take good care of it, choose a short and gentle wash cycle (30 minutes maximum). In addition, the delicate materials of this type of clothing are especially susceptible to high temperatures, so it is advisable to select a cold water wash. Do not choose the spin either. This will avoid certain sudden movements that wrinkle the suit. Discover also: Does polyester stretch

Another must-have tip is to avoid fabric softeners in the wash cycle. This product can damage the fabric of the suit. With a short 30-minute program and selecting a good liquid detergent, it will be enough to keep your clothes spotless. Of course, do not abuse the washes in the washing machine: once a month or less is the perfect frequency.

Hang the suit in the shade and outdoors

After washing the suit at home, it is time to dry it. Hang it on a hanger to preserve the shape and seams of the garment, something you won’t get if you hang it directly on a string with clips.

The dryer should also be avoided if you want to take care of the suit. Once the wash cycle is over, hang the suit outdoors in the early morning. If you have washed it in the middle of the day, you should hang it in a place where the sun does not have a direct impact on the garment.

The water will dry little by little and, after a few hours, the suit will be just damp enough to continue with the last step of the wash: the iron.

Iron at low temperature

After following the previous steps, you already know how to wash a suit at home and you will have it perfectly washed and dry. You will only have to iron it properly, this being a particularly delicate point, depending on the fabric of the garment.

Please note the following instructions for ironing a freshly washed suit:

  • Lay the suit out on an ironing board.
  • Cover the area to be ironed with a cloth. In this way, you will prevent them from burning.
  • Pay close attention to the iron: make sure it is completely clean before you start ironing so that the garments of the suit do not get stained.
  • At this point, you can also choose to steam clean the suit. You just have to have an iron with a steam function to gradually release the water in the form of gas little by little over the fabric.
  • If you do not have an iron with a steam function, the best alternative is a water vaporizer: spray it on the garments of the suit to protect it and smooth it.
  • Finally, iron the suit normally and carefully so that it is perfect.

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