How to winter-proof your garage

When winter starts to cloak the country with ice and snow and subject us to harsh winds, there are several steps you can take to ensure your garage is safe from potential hazards. Sometimes our winters can be lengthy and take a while to turn into spring, which is when problems can arise inside the garage. Some top tips to help prevent problems are to seal any cracks, use an old blanket to insulate the garage, replace crumbling doors, install a heater, and paint the concrete floor.

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When to prepare for winter

When autumn starts to creep in, this is the time when you should begin to prepare for the cold snap. Winter-proofing the garage will also enable you to remain comfortable if you are working inside, while insulation can protect any items of equipment.

A thorough clean will get rid of any dirt that has accumulated over the spring and summer. A brush with stiff bristles will perform best; in addition, a vacuum can remove any stubborn cobwebs or dust. Weather stripping is commonly carried out to keep winter moisture at bay. If the garage is located under any rooms, this will help prevent cold air entering.

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Ventilation is important to eradicate moisture. Heat is responsible for condensation, which can have an impact on the health of the occupants. It is a good idea to create ventilation in the cavity to enable the moisture to escape through evaporation – a wall vent is ideal.

Cracks should be sealed

Conducting a thorough examination will enable you to locate any cracks that allow moisture in and let warm air escape. Other problematic areas include the dryer vent. All cracks should be sealed and broken windows replaced.

There may come a point when your garage door needs to be replaced. If you need Barnet garage door installation, for example, Googling ‘garage door installation Barnet’ will bring up a number of companies offering a range of doors, both manual and automatic.

Popular Mechanics has even come up with a fascinating list of 100 songs to clean your garage to. From Deep Purple to Moby, there are tempos for all tastes.

Installing an electric forced-air heater is also beneficial. It is important not to use a regular heater, as this can pose a fire risk.

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