Importance of education increases children’s happiness

Importance of education – A study published by UNICEF has been in charge of measuring happiness in children from different countries. And social contexts, one of the most striking results has been finding that in developed countries. Where basic needs are covered. Importance of education is  factor associated to the happiness of the little ones.

What is happiness?

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We have all heard and talked about happiness on many occasions. In fact, anyone wants to feel happy as one of the priority objectives in their life. However, not much is known about this concept.

Happiness is a positive feeling that is associated with a feeling of satisfaction and joy in people.

It is an emotional state that is obtained when things are achieved that we like. Although the enjoyment of them, can vary from one person to another. In the study published by UNICEF. It was found that children from underdeveloped countries. Associated happiness to obtain economic income with which to obtain the most basic needs. For them, get to eat foods that please them every day, can do that they feel happy. In countries like ours, developed, children associated happiness with other aspects such as education.

Happy people enjoy life more and even, according to some studies, suffer less diseases.

How does important of education affect the feeling of happiness?

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Importance of education in the human being is a source of personal development that affects any person positively. When we learn, we evolve and our knowledge progressively generates in us, a feeling of greater control. And security before the environment that surrounds us. With this, we can establish goals and plan paths directed to them that motivate. And excite us in our life. In addition, our self-esteem is reinforced as we progress in our education. And we observe that each day we surpass ourselves a little more. All this, forms a positive process of personal self-realization that will affect our sense of happiness.

What other aspects are important in the happiness of children?

Many parents wonder how they can contribute to the happiness of their children, and to a certain extent. It is our responsibility to encourage. And guide the child so that he can get it for himself when he is an adult. Some recommendations are:

Affection, one of the basic pillars of the human being.

Affection is the fundamental nutrient of aspects such as self-esteem or the sensation of ability. When a child feels loved. It increases their level of personal security and self-esteem. People who have learned to love. Because they have received love, have less difficulties in personal relationships and are happier.

Encourage positive attitude and conflict resolution.

Depending on the attitude you face, life can involve a long career of unbearable obstacles. Or, on the contrary, a path of improvement and learning. Children must learn that complicated situations have to be solved with the most positive attitude possible and learn from them.

Parents and the school in the education of children

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Importance of education of the small ones they play a fundamental role, both the parents and the school. It is true that on this subject there is a wide debate at present. Since there are occasions when children are not educated at home. Since their parents expect that in school they will be told how to act or not.

However, the role of parents is primary in the importance of education of their children.

For this reason, the child must begin his educational process at home. Where he will be taught a series of values, norms. And behaviors that will evidently be reinforced once he is in school. But, since they are very young their parents will have to make an effort to make them understand that, in life. We all have rights and obligations, as well as the importance of values ​​such as generosity, obedience, respect … In short, make clear what It is good and what is not and how they should act.

The school is not where the child is educated, it is the parents who educate the child

Thus, when the child starts going to school. He will have to assimilate a series of values, attitudes and behaviors. In this way, you will have to know.  For example, that you have to say good morning when you arrive, that you have to share the materials with other classmates, that you do not have to hit. Or hurt others, that you have to obey the teacher when I tell him what he has to do …

And it is that the school will focus mainly on teaching the little knowledge. Although it is also true that it will reinforce the learning of those values. ​​And behaviors that they have already been taught at home. Thus, in addition to acquiring knowledge on various topics, as well as skills. It will also be important that at school the child receives the same message that is transmitted to them at home. Regarding the message, we refer to those values ​​and behaviors that children should have acquired at home. Because when a child does not have established rules at home. As well as some responsibilities and obligations. It will be very complicated that, once in school , be able to keep up, obeying teachers and respecting others.

Children must have learned certain values ​​before going to school

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And is that, if at home, his parents have not taught him the importance of being responsible, that, like rights also have obligations. Or that you have to obey and respect teachers, in the same way that they obey at home. The child will not behave properly in the school setting. At this point it is important to highlight the importance of teaching children the importance of attending school. And making them understand that, as at home. They will have obligations, rights and responsibilities at school.

However, the teaching that he receives at school for his development as a person is also important and fundamental and will serve to complete the educational work carried out by his parents. Likewise, this development will also influence the child’s relationships with others, in the environment that surrounds him, whether with family or friends. In each moment, without even the little one being conscious, he is learning knowledge that will be fundamental to his development as a person. And it is not only useful for a child to know how to do mathematical calculations, it is also useful to know the importance of sharing or being obedient.

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