Foods to try during your Turkish travels

When visiting Turkey and perhaps staying in Villas in Kas such as should make sure that you taste the delights of the Turkish cuisine. There are main dishes to try but here are a few that you might want to start with.

Corn on the cob

This is one of the most popular street foods that is found all over Turkey. The corn is cooked on an outside grilled and served to you with the smoky flavour of the fuel source. It definitely beats the corn that we cook on a barbeque at home.


If it is street food that you like to experience, then Simit is another popular choice. This is an item that is a blend between a pretzel and a bagel and can be served topped with sesame seeds and eaten as it comes or with some form of jam, Nutella or a cream cheese style addition.

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Turkish delight

This delicious treat is nothing like the ones that you will have been served at home that are of a brink pink sugary consistence. Traditional Turkish delight will have a combination of dates and nuts such as hazelnuts and walnuts included in the mixture. In the bazaar and market areas you will find many vendors of this incredible treat, you are bound to find a flavour that you enjoy.


If you love pasta, then this Turkish Ravioli is a must. There are essentially little handmade dumplings that contain a filling of either lamb or beef and are topped with a deliciously creamy sauce. They are survived in many restaurants and hotels and are a meal that you should taste at least once during your time in the country.

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The chances are if you have visited Turkey in the past you will have been served Mezze at one point or another. This is a bit like Tapas and consists of a yogurt sauce with a mixture of herbs, vine leaves stuffed with rice, hummus of different varieties, meatballs, white cheese and an eggplant salad. It makes for the perfect sharing platter for couples and families alike.


This is a sweet and rich dessert that is much loved in Turkey. It is easy to see why with layers of delicious flaky pastry with layers of nuts all stuck together with a delightful syrup. The dessert dates back to the Ottoman Empire and you can find it in virtually every restaurant, hotel and café in the country.

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