Pet Simulator X Script: How to Win the Leaderboards

Pet Simulator X has quickly become one of the most popular games on Roblox. With its simple yet addictive gameplay loop of collecting and upgrading pets, it’s easy to see why so many players are hooked. But beyond just casual play, Pet Simulator X has extremely competitive leaderboards for players who want to prove they’re the very best.

Climbing to the top of these leaderboards and staying there takes more than just a lot of time invested. You need the right strategies and techniques if you want to dominate the leaderboards in Pet Simulator X. This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to know to win at Pet Simulator X and rise above the competition.

Choosing the Right Pets

The first key to success in Pet Simulator X is building your collection with the right pets. While collecting any pets can be fun if you want to maximize your leaderboard potential, you need to focus on acquiring specific high-value pets.

Choosing the Right Pets

Aim for Exclusive and Premium Pets

The rarest and most expensive pets in the game will give you the biggest boosts thanks to their enormous multipliers for skills like coins, diamonds, and chest breaks. Here are some of the best exclusive pets to get:

  • Huge Pixel Cat/Huge Hell Rock – Extremely high multipliers and provide a lot of value for leaderboards.
  • Exclusive Phoenix Duo (Fire Phoenix, Dark Phoenix) – Great all-around pets that boost coins, diamonds, chest breaks, etc.
  • Exclusives like Rainbow Silver Stag, Crystal Teddy, etc. – Harder to acquire but offer huge boosts.
  • Premium pets like DM Pixel Demons, and Blobensteins – Require Robux but have massive multipliers.

Having even just one of these premium or exclusive pets can make a massive difference in leaderboard potential. The more you can acquire, the better.

Focus on Leveling Up Your Best Pets

Once you get pets with great multipliers, you need to level them up as high as possible to maximize their boosts. Spreading your effort and coins across too many pets will slow your progress. Pick 1-5 of your best pets, and focus all your effort on leveling up those ones only.

The higher you can level up your premium/exclusive pets, the higher your leaderboard ranks will climb using the strategies below. For example, a Level 20 Huge Pixel Cat will boost you far more than five Level 10 Basic Cats.

Optimize Your Skills

To climb the leaderboards efficiently, you need to optimize your skill points distribution to boost your coin collecting and pet leveling speed.

Max Out Coin Collecting Skills First

The Coin Collector and Coin Magnet skills should be your top priority. These allow you to gather coins from chests and the map incredibly quickly. Maxing them out makes a massive difference in how rapidly you can accumulate coins to upgrade your pets.

Once your coin skills are maxed, focus on upgrading Luck to boost your chances of getting rare pet tiers from eggs. Opening more diamonds and exclusives will give you a big advantage.

Get Chest Breaker and Agility Afterwards

After coins and luck, invest points in Chest Breaker to open more chests which gives more coins. Then boost your Agility so you can move faster around the map to gather chests and coins.

Leave skills like Pet Experience and Pet Capacity for later – they’re less critical for leaderboard success. You just need enough Pet Experience to level your top pets.

Play Strategically

How you actually play the game can also optimize your leaderboard progress. Use these pet simulator x script tips:

Server Hop for Faster Coins

Instead of grinding coins on one server, servers hop frequently to take advantage of the coins that regenerate. When you join a new server, smash through all the chests again to quickly stockpile coins.

Target Rich Servers

Before joining a server, check how many players are in it. Join servers that are at or near capacity for the most chest and coin generation.

Do Rebirth Strategically

Timing your rebirths is important. Rebirth when you have enough coins banked to instantly buy lots of new levels and boosts for your top pets. This will cause your skills and multipliers to skyrocket.

Use Boosts Only When Necessary

It can be tempting to use boosts like x2 coins all the time. But it’s smarter to save big boosts for when you specifically need to grind leaderboards. Using them strategically gives you the most benefit.

Play at Peak Times

Leaderboards reset every week. Play intensely towards the end of the week right before they reset to maximize your weekly rank. prime time is usually evenings and weekends when more players are active.

Grind for Exclusives the Smart Way

Grind for Exclusives the Smart Way

Getting those top exclusive pets is critical for leaderboard success. But the chances of unboxing them from eggs are extremely low. You’ll need to trade for them eventually. Here are some tips:

Open Lots of Eggs

To get good trading fodder, you need to open tons and tons of basic eggs. Skip fancy eggs and just grind basic eggs endlessly to build up your inventory of pets.

Craft Mythicals and Rainbows

Turn your common pets into Mythicals and Rainbows which have higher trade value. Mythicals especially are great for trading up gradually to exclusives.

Server Hop for Trades

Check the trades offered on multiple servers to find the best deals. Exclusives for 50 billion coins may be a rip-off in one server but a bargain in another.

Watch for Desperation Trades

Keep an eye out for players clearly desperate to trade away exclusives fast. They may accept lowball offers or bundled trades of mythical/rainbows. Capitalize on their impatience.

Check Discords and Twitter

Big Pet Sim X trading communities exist on platforms like Discord and Twitter. You can often find exclusives for fairer prices than in-game. But beware, scammers!

Play Hard During Events

Pet Simulator X has limited-time events every so often that offer special pets and rewards. These are key opportunities to boost your leaderboard ranks and exclusive pet inventory.

Grind Event Currency Efficiently

Events have special event currencies to earn special pets. Figure out and exploit the fastest ways to grind the event currency.

For example, during an egg hunt event, ignore normal gameplay – just run around grabbing eggs for maximum currency per minute.

Server Hop for Faster Event Grinds

As always, server hopping allows you to rapidly collect newly generated event currency each time you join a new server. You can gain event currency exponentially faster by hopping.

Get Event Exclusives

Event eggs and rewards often include extremely good exclusives, like the huge Forest Dragon during the Medieval event. Grind hard during events to get these special pets that will help your leaderboard ranking.

Buy Event Boosts

Events usually have limited-time boosts in the shop to double event currency gains. These are often worth buying with Robux to cut your grind time in half.

Manage Your Pets Properly

Having too many pets clogging up your inventory can slow you down. Make sure to clear out pets frequently.

Fuse Commons and Uncommons

Don’t keep low-tier pets for long. Quickly fuse them into Mythicals to clear space for more egg openings.

Trade Away Bad Legendarie

If a Legendary doesn’t have a good multiplier, trade it away fast for coins to buy eggs. Only keep the Legendaries with the highest multipliers.

Equip Only Your Top Pets

Only equip your 5-10 best pets with the biggest multipliers. Unequip the rest so they don’t slow you down.

Bubble Unused Pets

Bubble unused pets instead of keeping them in your main inventory. This makes swapping your active team faster.

Proper pet management ensures you have space to keep acquiring new exclusives without being burdened by subpar pets.

Play Regularly and persistently

Leaderboards reset weekly, so consistent and persistent play is required to stay on top. You can’t just play hard one weekend – you need to grind daily.

Commit Time Every Day

Set aside at least an hour or two per day for serious Pet Simulator X leaderboard grinding. Consistency is key, even if some days you play more than others.

Don’t Get Complacent

Once you reach the top, don’t relax. Other hardcore players are gunning for your spot. Keep grinding daily to fend them off.

Sleep is for the Weak

Right before leaderboards reset, pull an all-nighter grinding for maximum weekly rank. Rest and recovery can wait until after the reset.

The last tip about foregoing sleep is a joke – please rest adequately for your health! But the overall message holds: regular, persistent play is required for leaderboard dominance.

Team Up with Friends

Playing with friends can make the grind more fun while also conferring some leaderboard advantages.

More Chests to Farm

When playing with friends, you can farm chests in multiple parts of the map at once for faster coin gains.

Pool Resources Strategically

Coordinate with friends to focus resources on leveling up the pets of whoever has the best exclusives that week.

Motivate Each Other

Friendly competition can help motivate each other to play more consistently and intensely. Don’t let your friends pass you!

Block Enemies

If another player keeps beating your leaderboard ranks, join their server and block them so they can’t join you again. Cold…but effective!

Teamwork makes the dream work! Playing with trusted friends can help boost your leaderboard rankings in Pet Simulator X.

Monitor the Market Closely

Monitor the Market Closely

The Pet Simulator X trading marketplace is extremely volatile, with new exclusives entering circulation and fluctuating prices. Keeping a close eye on the market can help you trade efficiently.

Learn Pet Values

Know the current value tier list of pets inside and out so you don’t overpay or get ripped off in trades. Check community discords for unofficial value lists.

Buy Low, Sell High

When new exclusives first start circulating, snatch them up cheap early before prices spike. Then trade away at peak value right before the hype dies down.

Watch for Trends

If certain pets are rapidly rising or falling in demand, trade accordingly. You can profit greatly by closely following market shifts.

Don’t Invest Blindly

Newly released exclusives often get overvalued initially by hype. Avoid overpaying early – wait for the bubble to burst first.

Closely analyzing the turbulent Pet Simulator X economy provides lots of beneficial trading opportunities to acquire the exclusive pets you need. The leaderboards strongly favor savvy traders and market watchers.

Manage Your Diamonds

Along with coins, accumulating diamonds is hugely important for getting exclusive pets and leaderboard success.

Prioritize Diamond Pets

Use your diamonds primarily to buy and upgrade high-multiplier Diamond egg exclusives like Pixel Demon and Hell Rock.

Use Lucky Boosts

Activate lucky boosts when opening Diamond Eggs to increase your odds of scoring exclusives.

Buy Gamepasses

Certain game passes like x2 Diamond Drops can greatly accelerate your diamond grinding. They’re worth the Roebucks.

Do Diamond Quests

Completing daily quests rewards diamonds. Prioritize quests that give diamonds over those for coins or XP.

Server Hop for Diamonds

Like coins, diamonds regenerate when you switch servers. Server hopping nets your diamonds much faster.

Careful management of your hard-earned diamonds gives you the purchasing power to get whichever elite pets you need.

Master Minigames

Pet Simulator X has minigames that can provide useful rewards and exclusives for boosting your leaderboards.

Speed Run Minigames

Many minigames have leaderboards for the fastest completion times. Compete on these for bragging rights plus prizes.

Grind Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt minigame drops mythic and exclusive pets. Play it repeatedly to farm rare, tradable pets.

Play during 2x Events

Special 2x minigames events double rewards. Grind minigames heavily during these for the best payouts.

Memorize Obby Courses

Obby minigame gives exclusives for the fastest completion. Memorize routes to cut times.

Automate Monsters Hunt

Use an auto clicker when sleeping to farm Monsters Hunt minigame overnight for fast mythic.

Dominating minigames nets your exclusive pets much faster than regular gameplay. Get good at them!


What are the best skills to upgrade?

Focus on maxing out Coin Collector, Coin Magnet, and Luck first. These will accelerate how quickly you earn coins and get good exclusives from eggs. After that, upgrade Chest Breaker and Agility.

Should I rebirth as soon as possible?

Don’t immediately rebirth after hitting the level cap. You want to save up at least a few billion coins first before rebirthing so you can quickly buy back levels and boosts for your top pets. Rebirthing too early slows progression.

How do I get exclusives as a new player?

As a new player without much to trade, focus on opening Basic eggs nonstop to build up your inventory. Craft those commons into Mythicals which you can gradually trade up to better pets until you get exclusives. Have patience and keep grinding!

Is trading or opening eggs better for getting exclusives?

Trading is generally much faster and efficient, since the chances of actually hatching an exclusive pet are extremely low. Open lots of cheap eggs to get trading fodder, then trade your way up the exclusives tier list.

Should I buy gamepasses?

Certain gamepasses are basically essential for competitive leaderboard players. Extra pet slots, permanent 2x coins, and 2x diamonds will dramatically accelerate your grinding. Buying some premium gamepasses is highly recommended.


And there you have it – the complete advanced guide to dominating the Pet Simulator X leaderboards! With the right pet collection, smart play strategies, trading knowledge, and tons of grinding, you too, can rise to the top of the Pet Leaderboards. Just don’t forget to take occasional breaks and touch some grass in between play sessions.

Pet Simulator X is undoubtedly one of the most addicting and competitive Roblox games out there. Much like diving into the addictive world of Pet Simulator X to showcase your mastery, delving into the Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign is unquestionably worth playing for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. Whether you play casually or hardcore, hopefully, these tips will help take your pet simulator x script to the next level. Now get out there, start hatching and trading, and show the world who the real Pet Master is!

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