Rare songs about concrete

When it comes to songwriting, most people would focus on love, heartache, partying or making socio-political comments when planning their lyrics. Not many people write songs about concrete! However, as a tribute to this most versatile and ubiquitous of materials, here are a sample of the small number of songs that have ‘concrete’ in their title:

Concrete Jungle – The Specials

The Specials are a British ska band of the late 70s and early 80s who were leaders of the two-tone movement of that era in the UK. This song, which is a song from the album of their self-titled debut, was written by guitarist Roddy Radiation about his experience growing up in council houses in Coventry.

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Concrete and Gold – The Foo Fighters

Concrete and Gold appears as the final song from the 9th studio album of the Foo Fighters ninth and also serves as a record’s title track. There is a gorgeous 7-part harmony that adds a great twist to the sound of the song. Dave Grohl once described the song as The Beatles meeting Motorhead. If all this talk of concrete has reminded you of jobs that need doing around your property, consider Concrete Pumping services from

Break Up the Concrete – The Pretenders

This song is calling out the depressing decay of towns and cities across America. Lead singer Chrissie Hynde told Rolling Stone magazine that on one of their tours, she looked out of the tour bus window and all she could see was concrete. For a long time after, she just wanted to break down all the concrete she could see around her. Break Up the Concrete is Pretenders ninth studio album and their first to be recorded in its entirety in the United States. It was finished after only 12 days.

Concrete Sea – Terry Jacks

This song focuses on global ecology and natural wonders. “Sea of ​​Concrete” is an urban surrounding that look surreal and claustrophobic for Jacks. With money is got from one of his songs, he purchased a boat and spend time cruising around both Alaska and Vancouver. He felt a strong pull to the environment, and set out to preserve it, combatting the Canadian companies that were polluting the waters. For 12 years, he left music behind to protest against these companies, which he did through legal action and media outreach.

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Concrete Moon – Josh Doyle

Josh Doyle is a British-American songwriter and musician who achieved chart success in the UK in the early 2000s as the lead singer and guitarist for the English band Dum Dums. After the band broke up in 2001 Josh reappeared in Nashville in 2004 and independently released EP The End Of Fear, which revealed a new folktronica sound. This is one of the tracks from his second EP, Value and Virtue.



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