Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

Without an electric kettle, it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen and an office. This electric device makes life easier in many ways: it makes it possible to quickly boil or warm water for tea, coffee, baby food. When buying a new kettle, many are faced with such a problem as the presence of an unpleasant smell of plastic. This chemical smell can be transmitted to water during boiling, which, in turn, does not change the taste of the beverage prepared with boiling water. Today we will try to figure out what should be done to get rid of the synthetic plastic smell from the new teapot.

Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

Causes of unpleasant chemical “flavor”

Among the various reasons that affect the appearance of plastic smell in the kettle, the following can be highlighted:

  1. Tight factory packaging. Even a quality product can smell like plastic if you just opened the electric kettle box. There is nothing terrible in this, and in this case, the chemical stench will evaporate by itself several hours after the new device is ventilated in the open air.
  2. The poor quality of the materials from which the kettle is made. Of course, household appliances made of high-quality plastic will not stink of plastic. But from this, the price of such products will be several times higher. Those who care about their health and the health of their loved ones during the purchase should not save, because during the heating of low-grade plastic plasticizers and dyes are released into the water, which is added by an unscrupulous manufacturer in the process of manufacturing the device. When boiling in water get harmful chemicals that make it unsuitable for use.
  3. Breakage or failure of parts of the electrical device. If you feel the unpleasant smell of plastic while using a new kettle, it may be a signal that the appliance has failed. In this case, you should not postpone the trip to the store for a new device.

Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

Solutions to the problem

When self-buying a kettle should be sent to trusted manufacturers. During the examination of the goods, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions, and do not forget to smell the device from the inside. If you feel a characteristic plastic stench, hurry to put such a product back on the counter.

If you fail to conduct a full inspection of the electric kettle in the store, you always have the opportunity to return the defective product (if you have a check) or exchange it for another model. If the kettle is not possible to return or really want to leave, then you can remove the unpleasant smell by resorting to folk remedies. If after the use of such means the stench still persists, you should not use such an electric kettle, because in this case there will be no doubt that the production used low-quality plastic.

Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

Folk remedies to remove the smell of plastic

Before proceeding with the smell of plastic, boil clean water in a new vessel. If the unpleasant “flavor” does not evaporate, you need to boil an additional 2-3 times one of the solutions, the recipes of which are given below.

  • Citrus. Directly into the kettle cut slices of 3-4 medium-sized lemons, pour citrus with cold water and turn on the appliance in the network. Do not drain the boiled water, but leave it for several hours (preferably for the whole night). Boil the cooled solution again and pour it out. Instead of lemons, grapefruits or oranges are quite suitable. For this procedure, 2 large fruits will be enough.

Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

  • Laural.While boiling water, throw a few dry bay leaves into a new kettle. Leave the liquid inside to cool completely and boil again. Repeat this process several times.
  • Soda. Pour 2 liters of cold water into the kettle and add half a cup of regular baking soda. Turn on the appliance and, as soon as the first bubbles appear, turn it off. Leave the solution for half an hour inside and repeat this heating 2-3 times. After getting rid of the soda solution, wash the kettle with clean water several times.

Remove The Smell Of Plastic From The Kettle

If none of the above methods of eliminating the chemical smell helps you, the best solution would be to part with the “fragrant” kettle and choose a new model of the best quality. A high-quality kettle will undoubtedly cost more, but one irrefutable truth should be remembered: there is nothing more than health!

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