Six tips for getting the best price for your home

Buyers are understandably nervous about purchasing a home in light of the current Brexit situation and the general uncertainty surrounding the market. Despite a slowdown in sales, the total value of UK housing stock has increased by around £190.3 billion. Owners considering putting their homes up for sale should begin the spruce-up process now to make the best impression on potential buyers. A good spring cleaning and a maintenance check can go a long way. Following these tips can help make your house a home when it comes to viewings.

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A good spring cleaning can go a long way

A top tip is to turn to neutral colours as you can’t go wrong with them. This gives your home versatility when it’s time to pass it on. If your walls are daubed in bold colours or covered in brightly patterned wallpaper, this could act as a potential turn-off.

Remember that first impressions count, and buyers will form an impression of a property in less than a minute. Any weeds should be removed from the front and back gardens, and the front door should be replaced or repainted. Hedges and pathways should be well maintained.

Remove clutter from the hallway

Remove any clutter from the hall, such as coats and shoes, and install a large mirror to enhance the entrance. Any clutter, such as piles of magazines, toys, books, or abandoned clothes, should be removed and stored away. It’s ideal if shampoo bottles and sponges are taken out of the shower. Pay particular attention to the beds and ensure the duvet covers are ironed and the pillows are plumped up.

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Good lighting is essential, and well-positioned, quality lights should enhance the house. Make sure your lights are turned on at night to welcome viewers.

If you’ve found your ideal home and require a conveyancing solicitor to take charge of the legal aspects, can assist and take the pressure off of what can be a stressful time.

According to, the key to getting the best price for your house is simple: ensure that the presentation is perfect.

Don’t forget that pets can harbour nasty smells, so consider thoroughly cleaning carpets, curtains and mats, and adding pleasant-smelling fragrances.

Hire a professional to take pictures; buyers will be browsing numerous homes, and it’s essential to catch their attention.


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