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Small Bathroom Design

Design a small bathroom: tips on decorating a small bathroom.

To get a good result, you need to very wisely approach the design of a small bathroom, reincarnating its more comfortable and attractive part of your home.

In this article, we will look at several basic techniques by which you can achieve the effect of “spaciousness” in the room in the design of a bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design

The color scheme of the design of a small bathroom

For the design of a small bathroom, the color scheme should be extremely light. White, neutral and pastel shades should be used as the main color scheme for bathroom decoration. You can use brighter shades only to create basic accents. For example, bright colors may have a variety of accessories or a heated towel rail.

Warm shades of furniture and various elements of decor on the very light background will make the interior of a small bathroom more spacious and comfortable. Being engaged in the design of the interior of a small bathroom, you should try to avoid the extremes of use with the use of colors: too flashy and colorful interior will seem tasteless, and too light – inexpressive and faded. Light shades in the interior of the bathroom are better to combine with each other, so as not to tire the eyes with a monotonous tone. Neutral shades will not change the perception of the total volume of a small room.

Small Bathroom Design

Floor, ceiling, and walls in the bathroom

In the decoration of the interior of a small bathroom on all these elements of the room, you must pay attention. Too visually more to make a small bath, for this you need to make a bright floor and ceiling, and ceramic tiles of light shades. But you need to ensure that the shade of the walls and the floor was not the same. The ceiling in the bathroom can be trimmed with a variety of design techniques: the ceiling can be glossy, suspended, suspended, you can also use multi-colored stained glass windows or the original graphic design.

If we talk about tile in the design of the bathroom, then there are many different options for laying. You can use a light tile, and with the help of a dark place accents. For such a bathroom, you can use a mosaic. But with the help of a large tile you can also create the desired effect, since the smaller the seams at the tile itself, the more massive the wall seems. But in a small bathroom is better to abandon the complex masonry, as it will create excess clutter.

In the design of the bathroom is better not to use a dark border around the perimeter, this technique should be used for bathrooms of large size. If your bathroom is narrow, then, in this case, it is desirable to make one of the walls completely mirrored. With this technique, you can visually double the total space in the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design

Lighting in a small bathroom

In the design of a small bathroom, you can achieve a greater sense of space if you add more lighting. For this, it is desirable to use a combined multi-level lighting. Small lamps, in different places mounted in the ceiling, you can focus to illuminate different surfaces.

Sidelights located near the mirror itself and bright lights in the worktop itself will help to create a more even and proper lighting in the bathroom, as well as bring a feeling of comfort and warmth. If you have such an opportunity, you can add natural light to the bathroom with large windows in the ceiling and in the wall.

Choosing furniture and matching accessories in the bathroom

For the design of a small bathroom, it is desirable to restrict a small set of furniture, but it must be functional. Do not clutter up your bathroom with lots of wall cabinets and wall shelves. It will be enough for you to install one cabinet located under the sink, several niches in the wall and one capacious canister; you can also use several glass shelves. For extra space for things, if instead of a mirror you will use a cabinet with mirrored doors.

Small Bathroom Design

Furniture in the bathroom should not be dark shades, as this will further conceal the free space. For this, it is better to use light and warm shades. To visually increase the area, you can use mirrored furniture with shiny surfaces, or furniture made of glass.

In the bathroom of a small size, you can use wall furniture, which will make the interior of this room “easier” and will contribute to more convenient cleaning. If you want to use outdoor furniture, in this case, choose on high legs, because such furniture will suffer less when flooded.

It is not advisable to use too many accessories and overload this room with a large number of unnecessary parts, you can put insight only the most necessary items and a few bright towels. It must be remembered that all bathroom accessories must perform only aesthetic functions, but also some practical functions, so they cannot be excluded from the interior.

These are soap dispensers or soap dishes, a heated towel rail, a glass for toothbrushes, a toilet paper holder, etc. It is advisable to select all accessories for the design of a small bathroom in accordance with the rest of the details: bathroom colors, tile patterns, furniture fittings.

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