The Benefits of Oak Cladding

When oak cladding is freshly cut it ranges from light honey colored brown to slightly pinkish honey with sometimes reddish tint. Once the interior surface of the oak wood has completely dried, the color darkens to an almost-shimmery yellow and then only slowly fades to more natural silver when the interior wood weathers over time. Some people believe that this fading occurs due to the wood drying out while some think it’s a natural silvering process. No matter what the reasoning, once the pinkish tinted finish has completely worn off, the timber will then need to be treated and protected again with a clear lacquer or paint. This is why getting it right first time means the attention of Timberpride.

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The colour of a freshly finished oak cladding project may appear to have faded away and may even have a pinkish cast to it; however, once the interior surface has been painted with a clear lacquer, then the cladding will regain its honey color and brightness. Once the exterior surface has been painted with a clear lacquer and allowed to dry for several days, the cladding will need to then be treated again with a further high quality oil based acrylic paint. Once the oak cladding project is completed and it has been properly protected then it will need to again be treated and painted with a high quality acrylic paint to bring back the original full-grain look.

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If the interior surface of an old building is going to need additional protection against the elements then a profiled oak cladding planks can also be used. Profiled oak cladding plans are made of solid wood strips covered in an epoxy resin medium. Once the wood strips have completely dried and cured, the patterns of the planks are then painted with a hard wearing durable vinyl coating.

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