The Best Working Dogs in the World

When it comes to certain pets, their sole purpose is not just providing you with love and companionship, some dogs also spend their lives as working dogs. Dog’s, in general, make the perfect pets, whilst other dog breeds are highly intelligent and are bred to work. There are many different types of working dogs that work to assist humans with their every day lives; this gives dogs physical exercise and mental stimulation to make them happy. Certain dog breeds don’t need as much physical exercise and mental stimulation, so you might want to consider these for your newest family member. If you are keen on owning a dog, then you will need to prepare your home, and buy everything they need, such as a strong and sturdy dog collar; there are many online stores that sell Designer Dog Collars for your pampered pooch, so why not treat them to a comfortable collar?

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Herding Dogs 

These dogs have a very important job to do, and that is herding Sheep. Typical dog breeds used for Herding are Black Mouth Curs, Border Collies, and King Shepards; these dog breeds are highly intelligent which makes completing the job a piece of cake. They are also very quick and energetic, which means they are easily able to round up any sheep that try to stray. Herding dogs would typically be seen on farms to round up their livestock.

Detection Dogs 

These dogs work in locations such as airports to sniff out drugs, and other harmful substances to prevent passengers from taking them out of the country. Dogs noses are much more sensitive and powerful than a human’s nose, so they are able to smell scents that we wouldn’t be able to pick up. Certain dog breeds used for this job would normally be the English Springer Spaniel and Beagles.

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 Police and Military Dogs 

Police dogs work to protect our lives from enemies, and they also work to track down and catch them. For Police dogs, they would protect police officers from armed and aggressive criminals and for extreme cases, police dogs would be released to track down and catch a wanted criminal on the run. Military dogs would be highly trained to protect their owners from war enemies. Certain Military dogs would be able to sniff out bombs and mines. These dogs are highly commended for their bravery in the war and continue to risk their lives to protect us. Dog breeds commonly used for Police and Military dogs are German Shepards, Dutch Shepards, and even Belgian Malinois. 

Service Dogs

Service Dogs are carers for people who are disabled, have mental health issues, or even for those with limited mobility. Service dogs are highly intelligent, and they are able to detect a change in their owners, for example, certain dogs can detect if a person is about to have a seizure. If someone is blind, then ‘guide dogs’ would be used to assist them – these dogs help you to navigate the streets safely. Common Dog breeds used as service dogs include Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles.

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