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Types of Roof Trusses

A wood roof truss is essentially a frame of wood vertically and horizontally arranged to support a roof and to bridge the gap above a building. This type of truss is generally made up of round timbers joined at their ends by small square tie-backs. A truss used in construction must be straight and strong because it is crucial for the roof structure to be as sturdy as possible in order to withstand the pressure of the wind and rain. Wood is a good choice because it is available everywhere, relatively cheap and easy to work with. Oak Roof Truss from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-roof-trusses/ are great examples of this.

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Another advantage of using wood trusses is that they are cheaper than the most popular types of metal roofing such as flat top trusses and flat roof trusses. In addition, they tend to last longer than other kinds of roof structures. They are also better able to withstand natural issues such as hurricanes and earthquakes because they are more resistant to damage than other types of roofs. Flat roof trusses are available in a variety of styles, colours and materials.

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Flat roofs are preferred over the more traditional flat top trusses because they are simple to install and can be assembled very quickly. However, flat roofs are less durable than roofs constructed with the use of sloped top chords or gable top chords. Gable top trusses are constructed like a traditional roof but they are pitched in a direction that resembles the shape of a roof. The roof trusses are fastened to the first row of gableracks which are usually made out of wood. Flat top roof trusses are also easier to use than sloped roof trusses since they have straight sections that allow attachments of various shapes and sizes to the roof. Roof trusses are essential for buildings that are structurally weak or those which receive high winds.

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