Van rust facts and what you might not know

If you are looking for more ways to get on top of the rust issue that is affecting your van, or learn how to spot the signs sooner rather than later, here are five more tips to put you in the driving seat.

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Sealant is helpful

Rust can set in if paint cracks and the metal underneath is no longer protected. Using vanlining can help in protecting the interior from knocks and scrapes that can lead to corrosion. The risk is highest where two panels are welded together, as well as at the edges where repeated impacts can occur.

Using a sealant to fill these cracks will help to protect the van’s body. If you use a flexible product, this will be even better, as it can be repainted to look as good as new.

Rust attracts water

One of the reasons that rust can spread so effectively is that as soon as the surface is infected, the rougher area gathers and holds water droplets.

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Fast action is essential

Leaving rust to fester for any amount of time after you have first spotted it is not sensible. So don’t put the job off until the problem is really serious – take the time to remove even a small amount of rust when it appears and your van will be in much better shape in the long term.

Used van prices are currently at record levels. So, if you plan to sell yours and take advantage of the buoyant market, make sure rust is not a factor that affects its value and that you emphasise any accessories you’ve added in your sales advertisement, such as locks and reversing cameras and so on.

Older van designs are more susceptible

The very latest vans have been designed not only with materials that are more resistant to rust, but also with bodies that prevent it forming in the first place. However, if your van is more than five years old, it may be more likely to come down with a case of the flakes. As such, you need to be more vigilant. It is essential to keep all the regular checks up together like servicing and your MOT with places including a mots gloucester company at sites like

Rusting starts straight away

The second that untreated metal is exposed to the air, rust will begin to form. You will need a microscope to see it at first, but within a day, its presence will be obvious.

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