What happens if you don’t shear a sheep

Despite it looking like a rough business, the shearing of a sheep is one of the most important times of the year on a farm. Wool is still an important part of our economy and represents a vital export to offset the balance of trade. It’s equally important to keep the many knitters and stitchers out there in raw material so that they can keep their hobby up. What happens if we decide not to shear a sheep anymore? What would be the outcome for the sheep and all the wool they had if we just left them to it. It’s why you might want to get a nice set of Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift

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The first thing that needs to be said is that it doesn’t hurt to shear a sheep. The clippers are extremely sharp and protected much like the shears that we use on our own grooming. The shearer is an experienced professional who uses skill and speed to get as many done as they can.

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If a sheep is not sheared then its wooly coat starts to grow. It then grows to enormous lengths making it hard and harder for the sheep to get around. Sheep most shear themselves using rough bark from trees or going through hedgerows but this can only do so much. If the wool is not removed the sheep could overheat. Worse still insects and maggots can find a home and cause it great discomfort. There have been cases where sheep have escaped from pens and lived in the wild for a time. When rescued they look like a mobile cloud with legs.

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